How To Treat Adult Acne

Deal with adult acne

You sighed with relief as you crossed your teens and said bye to the last of the little devils that sprouted on your face. You thought you’d bid adieu to your pimple problem forever.

But as your cross over to your 40’s, suddenly you find your facial skin on certain areas feeling tender and painful for days before a pesky pimple appears. Welcome adult acne. This is a skin problem that strikes mostly women and some men as they enter their 40’s. During this time the hormones in our bodies start fluctuating which create an overall imbalance in the body, which leads to the acne issue.

Lifestyle stress along with a change in body chemistry leads to acne eruptions as well. What really happens is that stress causes a hormonal imbalance which in turn upsets your body’s natural sebum production that can clog pores. The hormones can also lead to inflammation; all these put together can stimulate acne-producing bacteria. Also as you grow older your skin cell turnover slows down which leads to more dead skin cells than fresh skin. This layer can then clog pores which already have issues with irregular sebum production. And this applies to both women and men.

Unlike in your teens when pimples appeared on the T-zone that is the cheeks, nose and the forehead, adult acne appears on your C-Zone – the temples, sides of the face, and jaw line. While zits during the teens appear almost overnight, adult acne can take 5 to 7 days before an actual pimple appears on the skin.

What to do when adult acne appears

As you start feeling the onslaught of acne, start an anti-acne skin care regime. Keep your skin clean with a gentle foaming face wash that controls oil twice a day. Instead of a harsh face scrub use a wash with salicylic acid, and a face towel to slough off dead skin cells without hurting your already red and tender skin. Do not skip the moisturiser. Use a gel-based one that hydrates the skin without making it greasy. Look for topical creams tea-tree oil to reduce the inflammation. As soon as you feel your skin getting tender or redness starts to appear, use ice on the area to soothe the pain. This is especially a good trick to adopt if you plan to wear makeup. To hide a red spot, blend two colours of a water-based concealer and dab on to the place. Avoid putting on powder on the area. If you must, lightly dust some translucent powder and you are good to go.

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