How To Revive Your Damaged Makeup

Every girl has gone through one too many of those shriek-inducing moments when her favourite, most coveted makeup item just slips through her butterfingers and turns into a cracked up mess as soon as it hits the ground. The odds of this makeup fatality just stacks up higher if you have kids at home. And especially little girls who just can’t resist a chance to sneak into your vanity drawer. However unavoidable, these accidents do not necessarily mean you have to toss your busted makeup away. With these smart DIY makeup hacks you can revive anything from cracked eyeshadows to broken lipsticks and dried out mascara in a matter of minutes:

Powder-Based Makeup
The slightest of extra pressure can turn makeup products like bronzers, blushes, eyeshadows, and compact into a powdery mess, rendering them unusable. You can restore these broken palettes in a matter of minutes and with just four simple tools at your disposal. For this hack, you need rubbing alcohol, empty casing, bottle top and paper towel. Transfer the broken makeup pieces into an empty casing and break them finely with the tip of a clean knife. Now add a few drops of hand sanitizer until you get a paste-like consistency and spread it out. You will have a smooth surface. Cover the surface with paper towel to extract the extra moisture and let it dry for at least 30 minutes. And voila, your makeup is good as new again.

Broken Lipstick
There are few things as heartbreaking as watching your go-to lipstick break into pieces. Thankfully, there is a quick fix to make it usable again. Well, you cannot restore a broken lipstick to its lost glory unless you have an unused empty lipstick lying around. But you can do the next best thing – turn it into a lip balm. For that, you need to carefully collect all the pieces of the broken lipstick that you can scrape off without gathering any dirt in the process. Put these pieces into a microwave-safe bowl and heat it in the microwave for 10 seconds at a time until it has completely liquefied. Now, transfer this liquefied lipstick into an empty lip balm case or tube and you are all set to doll up your lips in your favourite shade all over again.

Reduced Pigmentation
If a bronzer, blush or eyeshadow has suddenly lost its pigmented qualities, it does not mean that the product has gone bad. It simply has developed a hard film on the surface that is preventing its colour from coming through. A packing tape can set this right. Just press a piece of the tape on the surface of the product and pull it off gently. The hard film will get removed in the process and your products will be back in business.

Dried Out Creams
Dried out, chalky creams and cream-based products are one of the most common makeup troubles we have to deal with. Thankfully, there is an easy fix to this rampant problem. Add a few drops of saline solution to these dried out products and stir with a toothpick till you get a smooth consistency. This will restore the moisture without compromising the quality of your dried-out creams.

Dried Out Eyeliner
If you had a dime for every time your eyeliner failed to perform on account of being too dry, you’d be shopping for makeup every day. Yes, it happens that often and it is just as annoying always. The risk of drying out is fairly higher with liquid eyeliner pens, no matter how careful you are. You can revive these dried out eyeliners by pulling out, flipping and re-inserting the tip. And just like that, you have a brand new eyeliner!

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