How To Put Makeup In Just 5 Minutes

Makeup artist Vidya Tikari gives pointers on putting makeup on in a flash.

 We are a busy lot; we women are, most of the time. We do not have the luxury to spend hours with our makeup kits and brushes – no matter how much we would love to do so. So we got ace makeup artist Vidya Tikari to tell us how to create different looks when you have only five minutes to spare.

What’s the fastest way to get some colour on before heading out to office?
Add two coats of mascara. Sweep a neutral lipgloss or tinted lip balm to finish the look. Instead of staid black liner, go for coloured liners like navy blue or olive green to give your eyes some intensity. They are serious colours and can be worn at the office, and at after office party. Just smudge them up a bit to get a smokey look in a jiffy.

What kind of textures should we choose to make putting on makeup easy and fast?
For daily look opt for more matte effect rather than shimmer makeup; especially when you are at work. For shadows and blush pick powders and for lipsticks stick to soft creamy textures. You use a sheer water-based foundation to even out your skin tone. Use it lightly over the areas that need concealing. Avoid using a compact unless you have oily or combination skin. If your complexion is clear use a BB cream for a more natural look. You can keep a powder to freshen up your look mid day.

What are the colours that can be worn daily and is error proof when we are in a hurry?
Use a neutral eye shadow and a dash of mascara to define your eyes. Pick neutral eye shadow shades like beige and brown. Apply the light colour all over your lid till the brow bone and apply the dark shadow till the crease of your eyes. Play up your mouth with a creamy lipstick. Pick a sheer plum or earthy pink shade for daily wear.

How can we ensure the lipstick stays on?
Avoid the starkly lined lip look. Instead, use the lip liner matching the colour of your lips to prime them – fill your lips with the shade. You can also use a lip liner matching your lipstick. Apply the creamy lipstick over that. This will ensure your lipstick does not slip or bleed and stays on longer.

We get so many colours of eye shadow crayons nowadays, how to use them?
The crayons are multitasking products. They create an understated look, yet enhance your eyes beautifully. To get the eye look on in less than a minute, take a crayon shadow in smoky grey or very dark brown or dark blue to line your upper lash line. Draw a thick line over your upper lash line, and blend it lightly with a smudger brush.

What’s the fastest to get the romantic, feminine makeup on?
Create a monochrome effect. In this, you use different shades of the same colour to create your look. This works great with colours like pink, peach, berry and even red. Say for instance you can use a deep pink on your lips and then complement it with light pink blusher and soft, shimmery pink eye shadow. This can actually build up a sallow complexion.

And what about the nails?
Bright, brighter, brightest. Hot pink, maroon, deep red, bright orange or deep blue look lovely on the nails. Keep your nails mid length with softly curved ends. You can even use different shade intensity of the same colour for your toes and fingers; with the lighter one on your fingers and darker on your toes.