How To Pick Your Shower Routine

How to pick your shower routine

Our moods change all the time depending on the kind of day we’ve had. There are times we feel lethargic and listless; or tired and drained out; or just plain cranky and irritable. You are often given the advice to take a bath or a shower to clear your head or relax your mind and body. Well, there are treatments globally that use the power of shower to heal many lifestyle issues. You may not seriously need a professional shower therapy, but you can use its therapeutic powers to get going:

Jumpstart the day: Did you wake feeling grouchy? Did you really want to smash that alarm clock? Just step under a cold shower. If you are not brave enough for a blast of cold water first thing in the morning, then step under a jet of warm water and slowly turn the knob to cold. Use a fragrant citrusy shower gel. Give yourself a brisk scrub with a wash cloth and feel the blood racing through your veins. Dry off and apply body lotion generously. Your senses will be jolted into action. Hello sunshine!

Wash away your cares: Had a long day at work? Feeling tired, grimy and fed up? Dying to leave the working day far behind you? Get under a warm shower. Adjust the water temperature so that it is comfortably warm. Use a soothing shower gel and wash away the grime. Use a loofah to gently scrub your skin and feel the dirt and grime of the city leave you. Step out, dry off and gently apply body butter to soothe your skin. You will feel fresh as a daisy

Soak it up: Desperately need some ‘me-time’? Want to relax those knotted muscles. Just soak in a tub of hot water. Add some lavender or eucalyptus bath salts that soothe the aching body. Mix some shower or bath gel into the water, and foam it up. Slide into the water, and relax with a glass of wine and some scented candles. You can apply a toning face pack as you relax. Soak in till the water gets warm, then rinse off and massage in a bath oil, and slip into your bed. Happy dreaming!

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