How to get the Perfect Shave in 5 easy Steps

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If like most men, your working day begins with a shave, all you need is to follow certain steps to ensure that it really is perfect. Because who doesn’t want the perfect shaving experience where the razor simply glides across your skin, leaving it soft and smooth? And you come out of it without a single nick, cut or burn!

Knowing how to do this in 5 easy steps can make your day for you:

1. Heat and hydrate
Wash your face with hot water, or have a hot shower before you shave. The heat will serve to open up your pores, your facial muscles will relax and the hair on your face will soften. The water will provide a cushion between your skin and the shaving foam, allowing the razor to skim across the surface of your skin smoothly.

2. Brush up your technique:
A good shaving brush is crucial to a good shave. It should ideally absorb hot water, which, when combined with the shaving cream or foam, should create a great deal of rich, thick, lather. A good shaving brush will also serve to remove dead skin from your face, ensuring a smoother shave.

3. Apply yourself to applying shaving cream
This is a therapeutic process – first, dip your brush in hot weather, then hold it upside down for the excess water to drip out. Then apply the shaving cream or foam to your skin, swirling it around with the brush until you get a lather

4. Razor sharp wit
Yes, you need to keep your wits about you when you choose a razor. Whether you use the old fashioned safety razor or the modern day cartridge razor, it is important to get the right razor for your requirements. Safety razors tend to give safer, closer shaves. They don’t burn the skin, nor do they invite rashes.

5. In the right direction
While shaving, follow the direction of the growth, don’t go against it. Always shave downwards for the neck.

Finally, always remember to pat your face dry and use an aftershave, and enjoy the softness and smoothness of your freshly-shaved face!