How To Detoxify Dull Skin

Dr Chiranjiv Chhabra, Skincare consultant & Dermatologist, Skin Alive, talks about how to revive dull skin with some deep cleansing tricks.

As the climate changes, the moisture levels change; making your skin either dry or greasy. Added to that is pollution and lifestyle stress. Your skin needs rest and some real care to look glowing always. Dermatologist, Dr Chiranjiv Chhabra shares her top tips to detoxify your dull skin and keep it looking fresh through the changing seasons.

How can we ensure that our skin remains clean, smooth and supple even as the weather changes?

It is very important to understand the need of the skin with weather changes. Across India the climate in each region is very different. Some places it is extremes while in other it is more temperate. However there is always a transition in the weather when your skin suffers from loss of moisture or excess sebum. So it is important to change your skincare products based on the climate since your skin condition changes as well. Always buy products based on your current skin condition, and not based on a preconceived notion of how your skin is.

What is the good way to detoxify our skin?

When your skin looks dull and lacklustre, you know you need to take extra care. Dullness happens due to the layer of dead skin that tends to build-up. So a deep cleansing treatment is a good idea. You can go to a dermatologist for a brightening diamond polishing treatment that clears your skin, and follow up with at-home care with the right set of products like exfoliating cleansers and moisturisers with brightening actives. To help your skin, it is important to have right detox diet with lot of fruits and vegetables for a day or two. Take in fruits and veggies that are rich in vitamin C on a daily basis, and start your day with lemon and honey water.

Can we exfoliate our skin daily with a gentle exfoliating face wash? Does this have a deep cleaning affect on the skin?

Some salicylic acid based face washes can be used for oily acne infected or acne prone skin. But those with dry or sensitive skin types should not exfoliate so often. There are some very gentle exfoliants that have very smooth micro-beads or natural granules that can be used every other day by those who have dry or sensitive skin.

How can we deep cleanse our skin?

When you are doing it at home then use a good cleanser followed by a face scrub that has micro granules and then apply a mask. This can help in clearing away the layer of dead skin and reviving your complexion. But when you have seriously patchy skin then it is better to seek professional help for deep cleansing as you cannot remove black heads or white heads on your own; or you may end up causing an infection. You can ask for microdermabrasion treatment or chemical peels for evening out patchy complexion. Always seek a dermatologist’s help for getting such a treatment.

How can we retain the smooth, soft texture?

You must include a good moisturizer, sun block and vitamin C serum in your daily regime after consulting with a doctor on your skin needs. These will help to keep your skin soft, supple, and even-toned.