How To Colour Your Hair At Home

Tired of going to the salon to get your hair coloured? Are you short of time for that pro root touch-up? Well, there are some great at-home hair colouring and aftercare products that ensure your at-home job is as good as a pro.

Step #1: Find the right hair hue: Check out your skin tone first and choose a colour that is within two shades of your natural hair colour. You can either go light or dark. Indian complexion looks best in shades like chocolate, caramel, honey, burgundy, and deep brown.

Step # 2: Pick right variant: There are many types of at-home hair colour. You get permanent, semi-permanent, and casting. The permanent hair colour has ammonia which is longer lasting, and fade resistant, however, if you have very brittle hair or thin hair you might want to try the ammonia-free variety, often called casting. They are gentler on the strands but last a little less than permanent colours.

Step # 3: Set the stage: Line up all the aids you will need first – including gloves, cape, dark towels, hair clips, long handled comb, brush, and petroleum jelly. You will need to apply this along your hairline to avoid staining your skin with colour.

Step# 4: Follow the instruction: Mix the contents as the given instructions to ensure that you get the best colour intensity. Also apply on unwashed hair, as the natural oils in your hair create a protective barrier and help the colour settle better into your strands. In fact, you can get a hair spa treatment done a day or two before colouring your hair.

Step # 5: Care the right way: Once you have coloured your hair, you need to be gentle with it, and use a shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair. Deep condition your strands at least once a week and use a colour protecting serum to add shine and prevent fading.

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