The Hottest Yoga Addicts To Follow On Instagram

7 Hottest Yoga Addicts to Follow on Instagram

You think of yoga, and you think of lithe limbs, long stretches, mindful breathing and calm relaxed state of mind. This age-old form of keeping fit has taken the world by storm with experts now creating different forms of it. So it’s not just Hatha Yoga or Ashtanga Yoga but now you have Yoga Dance, Yin Yoga and some more that women and men are practicing to keep find, body and mind.

So on this International Yoga Day, we follow these seven Yoga aficionados popular on Instagram, who are not just practitioners themselves, but are also teachers and innovators of this form.

Deepika Mehta @deepikamehtayoga

Yoga for Deepika is…

“The way of yoga is to stay connected to the underlying calm depths oof the inner ocean of our awareness, despite the ebb and flow of the tides of our outer life – or at least we try. My ashtanga practice will always be my grounding spiritual practice and the rest, exploration of movement and freedom.”

Sunaina Rekhi @sunaina_rekhi

Yoga for Sunaina is…

“Where we can begin to live with more grace, strength and courage. I encourage you to try the Lotus Pose. It opens up the hips, stretches the ankles and knees; calms the brain, increases awareness and attentiveness…restores energy levels.”

Namrata Sudhindra @Yogininam

Yoga for Namrata is…

“Yin yoga is a more meditative approach to yoga. The practice works on the connective tissues of the body -the tendons, fascia and ligaments – with the aim of increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility. True strength lies in lifting myself up!”

Carmen Aguilar @ Cyogalab

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Preparing and getting ready for this weekend's intensive at The Lab in #chicago. 4 classes in 2 days, lots of backbends, hip openers, inversions, arm balances, splits… you name it. It's a physical and mental exercise but, as a teacher, it's incredibly rewarding to witness how students get ahead, work, struggle, figure things out and grow. It certainly gives meaning and a purpose to what we do. At least in my case, I always look forward to that opportunity of genuine connection. Asanas are just a tool to help us carve and explore some more. Looking forward to continue digging with you! Few spots left so, if interested, go to and sign up for 1, 2 or all 4 classes. Leave inspired and renovated and I thank you for doing the same to me…. xoxo

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Yoga for Carmen is…

“Come stretch, lengthen and have a great time. Asanas are just a tool to help us carve and explore some more. Remember the hardest asana is not always the most suitable, and there’s always a harder version you can do so…it’s endless!!”

Tamara Levinson-Campos @ Cuchira

Tamara Levinson

Yoga for Tamara is…

“If yoga is of the mind, dance is of the soul then Yogance is a soulful mind and a mindful soul.” Tamara is the creator of Yogance which is Yoga inspired practice that blends elements from yoga and dance styles. It mixes creativity with intelligent body work to build strength, flexibility, balance, endurance, mindfulness, artistry, determination, will, patience, self-love, the openness to confront self-truths and personal growth on and off the mat, she says.

Rachel Brethen @ Yoga_girl

Rachel Brethen

Yoga for Rachel is…

“I’ve been practicing yoga for a decade but the tension I’ve been carrying in my chest and shoulders went far deeper than any asana could ever fix. Last week I learned how to let go of fear. Of unworthiness, of pain, of sadness, of death. I let go of it all. And so did my heart.”

Britta Jade @ btruyoga

Britta Jade

Yoga for Britta is…

“In our everyday yogic practice, we must remember that it is only at the heart where we are able to properly balance the upper and lower poles of the body and infuse both the compassion and empathy needed in order to bring out the greatest qualities in each. In the practice of freediving the heart and lung center are of utmost importance and in focusing our practice here we are able to find a sense of harmonic balance -stillness, which allows us to transcend what most consider to be normal bodily capabilities.”