High Fashion Eye Makeup Looks & Tips From The Experts

When it comes to our makeup choices, most people tend to stick to the tried-and-tested routine. That’s because old and familiar always seems like a safer bet than experimenting with the new and bold. However, safe can quickly turn boring and mundane too. If you’re looking for some out-of-the-box inspiration to play around with some stellar cosmetic products, high fashion eye makeup is a great place to start. 

High fashion makeup refers to the inspirational looks sported by models on the runway and magazine covers. Ethereal, eye-catching, and often loud and boisterous, these looks can truly be a benchmark on how to use makeup as a form of expression. However, these are also created by skilled professionals with years of training and experience behind them. Does that mean an amateur can steer clear of them? Absolutely not! With the right tools and products, you can recreate these looks in a few easy steps. 

High Fashion Eye Makeup Look Basics 

Like any other look, the secret to nailing your high fashion eye makeup is getting the basics right. While you have a lot of room to experiment with colours and styles, there are a few basic elements that are universal to all of the process. These include: 

  • Brow filler: You need an eyebrow-defining pencil to create a sharp, dense effect. 
  • Matte eyeshadow in a neutral colour: Next, you need a matte eyeshadow in a brown, beige or a shade closest to your skin tone to create a base. You can work with these colours from your existing palette or use one like the FACES Canada Ultime Pro Eyeshadow Palette. With a smooth back and forth motion, blend the eyeshadow along the crease. 
  • Eyeshadow palette: Depending on the look you want to create, you need to pick out a suitable eyeshadow palette. Considering that a high fashion makeup look relies on a bold pop of colours, working with something like Lakme Absolute Infinity Eyeshadow Palette Coral Sunset or Colorbar USA Eyeshadow Palette Hook Me Up is recommended. 
  • Smokey effect eyeshadow: Most high fashion eye makeup looks to rely on the smokey eye effect to create that added sense of drama. So, it helps to have a defining eyeshadow like the Chambor Orosa Sculpting Eyeshadow Midnight Black handy. 
  • Kajal: You’d also need a creamy, intense kajal like the SUGAR Kohl Of Honour to tight line the eyes and create a blended effect around the outer corners 
  • Mascara: You cannot possibly nail your high fashion eye makeup look with a volumizing, smudge-proof mascara. Define your lashes with 2-3 coats to round off the look. 

5 High Fashion Eye Makeup Inspirations 

The tricky thing about high fashion eye makeup is that stellar looks from the runway don’t always translate well onto the street. For instance, if you show up at a party or event sporting an intense gothic look or a Batman-like effect around the eyes, it is sure to make heads turn but more out of shock than awe. That’s not the effect you want to aim for, right? 

That said, some of these looks can become quite the fashion statement for the quintessential girl next door. We’ve handpicked five such bold, experimental, out-of-box yet not scandalous looks for you. 

Celebrate the blues

This abstract, avant-garde look is stunning, impressive, and one that won’t make you look out of place. With a shade of blue of your choice, an eyeshadow brush designed to create the perfect winged effect and a few coats of mascara, you can nail and own it. 

The sunset effect 

Warm and scintillating as the most breath-taking sunset you’d ever laid your eyes on, this look is sure to amp up your oomph factor several notches higher. Juxtapose it with an overall nude, minimalist effect to truly make it the hero of your appearance. 

The rainbow eyes
If you’re someone who loves an eclectic mix of vibrant colours, recreating the rainbow effect on your eyes has to be right up your alley. A sleek hint of eyeliner and generous coats of mascara for added definition, and ample room to play around with rainbow colours on the eyelids. This look is a makeup enthusiast’s dream come true. 

A dose of sparkle 

Add a bit of sparkle to your high fashion eye makeup to dazzle your look and your mood instantly. This is a fun yet easy eye makeup style that you can experiment with. Use a predominantly blue eyeshadow palette to create a winged, ombre look with different shades, and then, top it up with black eyeliner and a potent layer of glitter on top. 

Minimalist high fashion eye makeup

Minimalist and high fashion can seem like a bit of an oxymoron in the makeup world, except it doesn’t have to be. This clean, fresh yet eye-catching look created with simple shades is proof. All you need is a white or silver pencil eyeliner to get this right. Prep your eyes with the nude base, mascara and kajal (white) routine, and then create a winged effect using a white or silver liner of your choice and you’re done. 

With these stellar looks to serve as an inspiration and the right product in your kitty, you can totally nail your experiments with a high fashion eye makeup look. Once you get one right, you’ll be coming back for more! 

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