Methods And Products That Dramatically Reduce Dark Circles

How to rid dark circles

The party season is just around the corner and with that comes a slew of invitations. You have to look your best but the one-too-many late night’s binge-watching Stranger Things and project submissions at the office have left you with dark circles.  Wondering how to get rid of this and look like you’ve caught up on a few Zzzs? Read on.

Dark circles tend to appear especially on Indian skin below the eyes because the skin in this area is thinner than the skin on rest of your face. Blood flow from underneath can be easily visible on this delicate layer of skin, so it shows up as a darker hue. Dark circles are usually genetic but can also be caused due to lack of sleep, stress, alcohol and so on.

While we recommend you re-work your lifestyle, here are some sure shot ways that will definitely help you reduce those annoying dark circles that make you look tired or older.

Fight the inner issue:
Your first point of attack is to lighten your panda eyes. A concentrated eye serum is exactly what you need. Opt for something that contains whitening properties. L’Oréal’s White Perfect Magic White Eye Cream is formulated with opti-blur technology that visibly reduces dark circles and fine lines. A win-win, we say!

Reduce puffiness:
Watched The Notebook last night and woke up with puffy eyes? Us too.  Apply a soothing eye mask that will instantly decompress your lids. One product that does wonders is Anatomicals Revitalising Gel Eye Mask. All it takes is a few minutes. For an added boost, pop it in the fridge for 10 minutes before use. For a natural way, spray on chilled rose water and add cucumber shaped cold eye patches from Basicare.

Fake it till you make it:
Finally, may we propose a quick fix – turn to your makeup bag and opt for a specially designed product by Maybelline – Instant Age Rewind Dark Circles Treatment Concealer. It promises to make the eye area appear radiant and refreshed in no time. Infused with vitamin-rich Goji Berry and Haloxl – an anti-ageing ingredient that is shown to reduce dark circles by upto 60%*, this concentrated treatment concealer comes with a micro-corrector applicator to quickly erase dark circles as part of your makeup routine. If you can’t find your shade, then, try layering on a lightweight concealer like Maybelline’s Fit Me that has yellow undertones over your eye cream. This helps counteract the purple tones of your dark circles. Dot the concealer and blend with your ring finger.  Apply foundation with a brush normally and you’re good to go.

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