Here’s How Not To Touch Your Face 23 Times Per Hour!

Do you know that we touch our face 23 times per hour? Yup, these were ‘fun facts’ until COVID-19 hit us big time. Moreover, we touch many surfaces throughout the day including doorknobs, elevator keys, trolley poles, phones, books, grocery bags, etc. Despite knowing this risk, we still touch our faces because it is just not possible to stop doing that as we are a creature of habits. But desperate times need desperate measures! Is there any way we can shake these patterns? Of course! Here are some tips:

A Fidget Spinner, For Some Flare
If you are constantly jiggling your hands from morning to night, then the chances are your hands may end up on your face. It’s better to keep them occupied. A fidget spinner can be a great saviour and an amazing stress buster.

A Mask As A Shield
Masks can act as a great barrier for preventing direct skin contact. Imagine yourself in a public space, in a hospital or a pharmacy, responding to an eye itch or a nose scratch. You can’t help but use your unwashed hands to get rid of the itch, and gather unwanted viruses, right? Why rick that when you can be a Masketeer?!

A Headset To Groove On
Get your favourite playlist on Spotify, put on a wireless/ Bluetooth headset and chill. Yes! Music can be a great therapy at this point. Moreover, you are free from touching your phone screen constantly which is susceptible to host germs and viruses.

A Stress Ball For Relief
You are not able to keep your hands away from your face? Don’t worry, pick up a stress ball. its spongy and calming effect can help you to keep your hands at bay. And as a bonus point, it will help you relax by melting away your anxiety.

A Handy Tissue
Keep a box of tissue handy. Use a tissue every time you feel the urge to touch your face. Don’t forget to dispose of the used tissue responsibly after you use it.

So, what is your method of not to touch your face? Let us know in the comment box because good hygiene is necessary to defeat COVID-19. #StayHomeSlayCorona

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