Here’s How To Perk Yourself Up After A Party Season!

Hey there! Feeling drained out and exhausted from all the night long parties? Fret not. Our beauty editor has some interesting tricks for you to try and kickstart 2017.

Drink Coconut Water


The natural sweetened water will help you jazz up your system like no other. Have it for breakfast or lunch. The coolness of the tender coconut will calm your senses and hydrate your thirsty body!

Tuck into a Bowl of Curd


While you can pop probiotic pills, take the healthy route and have a bowl of curd every day. Your skin will go mama-mia in no time.

Eat Micro-meals through the Day


Boost your energy by eating small meals through the day. This will help you avoid overtaxing your tummy that has borne the brunt of the long nights.

Drown Yourself in Green Tea


Nothing is more soothing than a cup of green tea before you hit the sack. Sip on your favorite flavour before you go to sleep and wake up with your senses thanking you.

Do you have any tips of your own? Share with us! Happy 2017.