Here’s Every Kind Of Bridal Makeup You Need To Know About

Here's Every Kind Of Bridal makeup You Need To Know About

As a bride, the one thing that tops your mind is the wedding look. Clothes and accessories apart, you also have to zone in on the perfect makeup look for your big day. Before you step out to find a makeup artist, be sure to polish your bridal vocabulary and get a grasp of what’s on offer. And if you’re still bewildered by the types of bridal makeup or confused about what’s best for you, here’s some help.

HD Makeup
High-res cameras are everywhere – a boon when you need to capture those special moments with utmost clarity but a bane when they focus into the imperfections on your face. Applying tons of foundation or concealer to hide fine lines or blemishes won’t help, but using HD makeup will. Formulated with light-reflecting or light-scattering particles, high-definition cosmetics blend seamlessly with your skin for an even finish. The result? A flawless-looking face ready for any close-up shot. Here’s the catch, however. Picking formulations labelled HD won’t suffice. The final results will greatly depend on how well the primer, foundation, concealer, powder, and everything else is blended with one another – something that’s up to your makeup artist’s skills. Also, don’t be surprised if you end up looking radically different (in a beautiful way, though!) HD makeup covers up even the most minute flaw on your face and with a good dose of contouring, vibrant lip colour and shimmery eyeshadow, you’ll look no less than a celebrity.

Airbrush Makeup
It’s hard to go by the name because this technique doesn’t really use makeup brushes. On the contrary, airbrush makeup relies on special airgun applicators to spray a fine, even layer of liquid makeup on to the face. Thus giving you an impeccably smooth and streak-free finish that’s lightweight and more natural-looking. Airbrush makeup typically uses silicone-based formulations, which explains why these cosmetics tend to last longer without smearing or creasing. But, like HD makeup, this one needs trained hands to ensure that you get the intended result (and not a cakey face smeared in foundation!). Also, airbrush makeup is best reserved for skin that’s oily or well hydrated because the fine particles can make dry skin appear flaky.

Mineral Makeup
Mineral formulations are hot favourites not just for regular makeup but also to deck up brides. Such cosmetics are considered to be a natural, safer alternative to regular makeup, especially for women with sensitive skin. These formulations contain finely ground or milled minerals such as iron oxide, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, or talc and are typically free of emollient waxes that clog pores or artificial fragrances that irritate the skin. Mineral makeup has a light-as-a-feather feel and is just right for brides who want a near-bare face on their big day. But, be warned – these cosmetics do not contain binders or polymers found in conventional makeup, meaning they may not last as long as you want them to. Also, not all mineral makeup products are created equal. So, be sure to read the labels before you buy one.

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