Health Hazards Of Wrong Eye Makeup

Health Hazards of Wrong Eye Makeup

Who doesn’t love the intensity that a dash of kajal brings to the eyes, or the way a sweep of mascara opens up your looks. Eye makeup is an integral part of the dressing up regime, but it hides major health hazards, causing serious damage the eyes. While it is almost impossible to step out of the house without at least a liner, but you must know that all these alluring eye makeup products can cause serious injury to your eyes.

It is not just about using a liner or mascara or an eye shadow, but most of us do not even spare a thought about how we use the product or whether it is past its expiry date. The most common eye problem that arises is from bacterial infection. So why does this happen? The constant opening and closing of the product allows bacteria to grow. So when you wear such makeup you are bound to get what is called bacterial conjunctivitis which is marked by extreme irritation, itching, and redness.

Wearing kohl or liner all the time on your waterline on your eyes can lead to dry eye syndrome since the makeup particles can block the tear ducts that flush your eyes, keeping them moist and healthy. You have to be extra careful if you wear contact lens, because there is a danger of your lens getting contaminated by infected makeup particles, which can lead to further complications.

The other serious infection that ophthalmologists often point out is allergy to metallic ingredients in eye shadows or shimmer liners. These are often found in deeply pigmented eye shadows, and shimmer products. Beryllium, Cadmium, Thallium, Selenium are often metals used to add depth to the pigments. In fact using metallic colour on your eyelids all the time can lead to eczema and pigmentation on your lids. It can even affecting your brows.

Dry eyes and scratched cornea can happen when you wear your eye makeup the wrong way. Mascara wands are the biggest criminals in hurting your cornea. This can happen especially when you are wearing your mascara in a hurry. A simple poke in the eye can actually lead to corneal abrasion.

So you have to be careful when buying your eye makeup products. With little care you can have beautifully made up eyes every day. Watch this space for tips on healthy eyes.