Health Hacks we learnt from Olympians!

What did the Olympics tell us?

Piers Morgan is, unapologetically, never getting Indian Visa. Also, Olympians must have amazing health hacks in their kitty to give out such stellar performances. And, since we love you so much, we decided to raid these hacks and pick up a few pointers for you beauties to channel into your own lives.


Health Hacks we learnt from Olympians-brakfast

Think of yourself as a car! Just like petrol, breakfast is your fuel to keep you going after a long night of haul. Pick muesli, toast, fruits, eggs, yogurt – whatever healthy you can lay your fingers on. Sakshi Malik was on a liquid, carb-free diet for the entire run at Rio! We hear Usain Bolt hogs on Chicken nuggets. You can too – but remember the count of calories you put in your system.


Health Hacks we learnt from Olympians-strength

Include iron content in your meals. The more, the better! Evidently, female athletes tend to be deficient in iron. Taking cue, it is healthy to incorporate plenty of iron-packed foods into your diet such as spinach, oatmeal, chickpeas, soybeans, pumpkin seeds and such others. It will improve your stamina as well, so make sure, you’re getting enough of it!


Health Hacks we learnt from Olympians-water

The beauty of drinking water is that, it not only betters your immunity, but also betters your skin! Oh, and it also helps with weight loss. Start drinking loads of water and notice the difference. All Olympians would drink coconut water, which is sweeter substitute, if you wish to pick a habit of drinking. You can also take your pick from the assortments of juices, milk, smoothies and herbal tea.


Health Hacks we learnt from Olympians-sleep

Did you know Michael Phelps dozes off each night in a special altitude chamber? Yup! Switch off from the world and get your sleep. Build a schedule. Sleep and wake up on the same schedule every day. Sleeping will boost your mood and, we need not tell you that it will also banish your under eye circles. Stay Fresh. Stay Beautiful!

There you go! Follow these health hacks and trust us, you will come out looking your gorgeous best.