What’s harder than being a scientist? Applying Eyeliner!

eyeliner troubles

You are late. But, this time you have a really good excuse. You know your girlfriends are going to be super mad, but they can relate to this right? Everything was going fine until it was time to do your eyeliner. Just explain it to them, they will totally understand…

eyeliner like adele

Happy Hour
That’s where it all started, there is a new bar in town and you wanted to hit it up with your girls rocking that Adele cat-eye looking fierce. You can just imagine walking into the bar, giving the bartender the look and having your drink in hand 2 seconds after that.

eyeliner in one go

One Hit Wonder
Yes, Queen. That cut crease eyeshadow is looking so good on you! Now all you have to do is give your eyes killer wings. YES! The right side is looking fly. One down, one to go. Do not panic. Why are you panicking? Nice and easy does it.

eyeliner fail

We told you not to panic! Just redo it. This time take a black pencil to outline where you want the liner. Chin up eyes down. Hold it steady. Try using a tape at the corner of your eyes to guide you.

it all about the same lenght eyeliner

It’s Symmetry My Dear
Well, you’ve done it. Two winged liners done. BUT THEY AREN’T THE SAME. Now you have to take off all your eye makeup because everything is just smudged up. Do not cry. You are only 20 minutes late.

Eyeliner trick - use tape

Keep Calm and Line On
Deep breaths, put on your eyeshadow, take some tape and put it on both corners of your eye. Using short feathery strokes draw out the lines. We recommend lining the eyes at the same time. Go back and forth. Nice and easy. You did it and you are only 45 minutes late!

“May Your Hand Be Steady and Eyeliner Even” – Anon
GIF credit: giphy.com