The Handmade Heaven: Delicious Looking Bathing Bars

The very word handmade should make you feel special because, in this heartless machine-infested world, there’s someone trying to give you a more human experience. And besides making you feel special, hand-made things also save you from a whole lot of chemicals, mass-produced stuff brimming with. Also, during these tough times, a daily shower is what sets us up to maximize our hygiene standards – even if we’re working from home and it’s only natural that we want to use something that will make us feel clean and fresh. Check out these beautiful hand-crafted bathing bars that’ll give you a luxurious cleanse.

We have chosen some of the best handmade soaps from the beauty store shelves, go ahead and take your pick.

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 Azafran Organics Neem & Turmeric Clear Skin Soap
This dope soap is enriched with so much goodness that you’re going to have a hard time believing it. It’s made with organic neem and turmeric extracts, safflower butter, soya butter and coconut oil. The neem & turmeric gently exfoliate your skin, while the rest of the ingredients keep your skin moisturised.

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Khadi Rose Handmade Soap
Made of rose petals and sandalwood extracts, this hand-crafted soap will delight your skin just as much as your olfactory senses. Rose with its astringent properties cleanses the skin and sandalwood extracts help brighten your skin. 

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PureSense Relaxing Almond Soap
This hand-crafted soap looks good and cleans great. Devoid of all the harmful chemicals, soaps are usually associated with, this bar just has the awesomeness of polyunsaturated fatty acid-containing almond oil.

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Passion Indulge Handmade Soap Mango
Mango extracts, almond, olive and coconut oils constitute the loveliness of this 100% vegetarian soap. A bath with this bar will leave your skin nourished and your bathroom smelling incredibly fresh.


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