Hairstyles and Haircuts For Different Face Shapes

hairstyles for different face shapes

You spend a good amount of time, sometimes hours together, prepping your face, applying makeup, and giving it the finishing touches. You get decked up in trendy clothes, and take a final look at the mirror only to realize that the hairstyle that you’ve sported, isn’t accentuating your beauty, rather, is playing it down. You’re disheartened because you have spent so much time browsing for this trendy style, and even more on putting it in place.

So why does this happen? It isn’t because the hairstyle that you picked isn’t great, it’s because it doesn’t suit your face shape. So what can you do to set such a situation right? Simple! Pick a hairstyle that works best for your face shape. Here’s a sneak peek into some common face types and the hairdos that they should and shouldn’t be sporting.

round face

Face Type: Round
Round faces have nearly the same width and length. This face type also has more visible rounded cheeks, and lacks prominent angles or corners. But do not fret! Having a round face makes you look younger, and lets you sport more youthful styles. The key is to pick hairstyles that make your face look longer and leaner.

What to try

  • Hairstyles that add length to the crown area make your face appear oval
  • Layered styles with soft wisps and tapered ends also work well for your face shape
  • Fringes or bangs can help hide the length. Opt for those with a bold look to add that angular touch
  • Parting your hair from the sides also shifts the focus from the round shape. So does untucked hair on one side of your face

What to avoid

  • Haircuts like straight fringes, short bobs, and blunt cuts that add to the softness of your features are a strict no-no
  • It is also best to keep away from hair styles that end at the chin, or add attention around that area, as this can make your face look even more rounder

oval face

Face Type: Oval
Blessed are those who have an oval face, as there isn’t a hairstyle or a cut that you ladies can’t carry. The face is longer, and has a forehead that is just a little bit wider than the chin. If you have an oval face, feel free to experiment with different styles of your choice.

What to try

  • Short, medium, or long hairstyles – you can rock absolutely anything
  • A centre parting looks as flattering as a side parting on your face
  • Soft curls, slicked back hair, layers, fringes – you get to experiment with anything you want

What to avoid

  • The beauty of your face lies in its proportion, so stay away from heavy bangs that make your face appear shorter
  • Also avoid hairstyles with uniform length, as these can make your face appear longer

square face

Face Type: Square
A square face is similar to the round face but has prominent jaws and chin. The forehead and jawline are roughly the same width. Hairstyles that soften the angular look and add length to the face are what you should pick. However, if you like flaunting the square look, you can try hairstyles that add to the prominence of your jawline.

What to try

  • Blunt fringes, and short bobs add to the squareness
  • To de-enhance the squared look, try wispy fringes, soft and layered hairstyles that add length and bring the attention down from your face
  • Soft beach waves, or long boho waves also lend softness to your face

What to avoid

  • Strong fringes and blunt haircuts can make your face look more angled
  • Thick curls too need to be avoided as they add to the already wide shape of your face

heart shaped face

Face Type: Heart
The heart shaped face has a wide forehead and cheekbone with a narrow jawline and chin, which is slightly pointed. A great thing about this face shape is that they have stunning cheekbones that can be quite the killer. If you have a face of this type, you can either choose to accentuate the shape, or give it a wider look at the bottom half.

What to try

  • Hairstyles that are up the crown, such as high knots and buns are your best bet for the accentuated look
  • Shoulder length hair with side parting and layered waves add width around the jawline and chin

What to avoid

  • Keep away from short bobs and short bangs that make your chin and jawline appear narrower
  • Centre parting, and long hairstyles that do not frame your face can also be a tricky business for you

So go ahead, determine which one your face fits into, and try the style that suits it best!

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