Behold The Latest Hairstyle Trends For Men

Guy styles that help hair

Men’s hairstyle trends, unlike women’s, don’t change as often with the seasons. However, there are certain changes in cuts, styles, and textures this year. So here’s how you can flaunt the latest in men’s hairstyles:

Achieve the textured look
Go for the understated, poised and polished look. It works well with very clean hair, shampooed and conditioned well. Use a hair product that will control and hold the style in place – something that will not look greasy and will give a matte finish without looking dry. Use your fingers to style your hair so that it looks casual and relaxed.

Slick and corporate
This is the best way to achieve the well-groomed, urban look. Ensure a good, structured haircut, with short back and sides, with scissor cut edges. Use products that respond well to being finger styled and maintain the style through the day. A great look that goes well with natty suits and formal wear.

Long and lazy does it
More and more men are opting for long well-kept hair – maybe just shoulder length. Of course, you have to ensure that you keep your hair regularly trimmed, scrupulously clean and well-conditioned. You can apply a hair product that is matte, to keep the ends in control and won’t let them fly away. A great style for men who want to look hip and well-groomed.

Top it off with length
Top knots and ponytails are a natural extension for men with long hair. Hair that is tied back into a ponytail at the nape of the neck gives the casual, carefree look while hair that is scraped back into a top knot can give a chiseled look to a rugged face. It offers a contrast that is sophisticated when worn with the right outfit.

Bold and banded
More and more men are using hair bands regardless of the length of their hair. They’re practical to keep long hair out of your eyes and are stylish. You can now flaunt the latest trends in men’s hairstyles this year!