Hair Care Routine For The Changing Seasons

Hair care during changing seasons

As we move from cooler months to hotter months or even when we move from a humid climate to dry, cold weather, our skin, and hair suffer a major setback. Whenever there is a change in the temperature our hair often feels dry, unmanageable and the scalp can get itchy. During this changing season, your hair needs more conditioning while your scalp needs stimulation to restore the natural sebum balance on the top layer.

That is why it is important to use oil…
And oil based products that will keep the scalp calm and hair shiny. Also during cooler days, we tend to bathe with hot water which again depletes the moisture and sebum from your hair and scalp making it look dull and dry. While during hotter days strands tend to look dull due to greasiness on the scalp.

When you want to replenish lost oil in your hair – which also adds to the shine – there are two types of treatments you can look at. The first is pre shampoo oil massage. Use any good vegetable oil. Try a blend of olive oil and almond oil, and massage your scalp thoroughly at least half an hour before you shampoo. Also, apply some oil to the strands to seal the cuticles. Wrap your head in a warm

towel to allow deep conditioning. The second is post shampoo (avoid too hot water) use an oil based finishing product like one that has Argan Oil. It is light and evaporates after application leaving hair looking soft and shiny without being greasy. It softens the strands and strengthens the strands. Makes hair more manageable.

It is okay to shampoo every alternate day…
That keeps your scalp clean, especially if you have oily scalp issue. Use a conditioning shampoo to ensure that your strands retain the natural sebum balance and remain shiny. Always condition your hair with a masque or conditioner after you shampoo. Gently rub a few drops of a shine boosting serum through your partially wet strands to make your hair shiny and manageable. It also protects the strands if you are using a heat styling tool.

Eat your minerals to bring back shine…
When it comes to keeping your hair really shiny and healthy from inside stock up on proteins since hair is made up of proteins. Take a healthy portion of protein based foods to strengthen your strands from the inside. To avoid flaky scalp and dryness in your hair try to eat yeast-based foods like idlis, roti or kulcha to which yeast powder has been added. For mature women, it is also important to take a daily supplement of iron, and vitamin B12 to keep the scalp healthy.