Hair Care for Damaged Hair

Who doesn’t love a good hair day? A silky, shiny and perfectly styled mane makes us feel on top of our game. Then again, hair is the first thing that begins to show our health distress. “Hair is the most noticeable part, it also makes a statement about our health and state of mind,” says Mumbai-based dermatologist, Dr Apratim Goel, Cutis Clinic.

Be it the new hair colour or the hair re-bonding or even styling products, all these have a rather large amount of chemicals that can weaken and age your hair. And you see hair fall, a change in texture and colour and excessive dryness! “Whether changing the texture of your hair or your hair colour, your hair gets weak as the chemicals swell up the cuticles and weaken the hair shaft,” says Mumbai-based Dr Apoorva Shah, Trichologist and Founder of RichFeel Trichology Centre.

It’s time for some SOS care for your hair:

When You have Brittle Hair:

Regular colouring makes your hair brittle as the chemicals in hair colour open up hair cuticles to deposit the colour molecules on the hair shaft. However, once the molecules get attached to the shaft, the cuticles do not go back to lying flat like they did before, which means that hair feels rough to touch and is weakened. You have to add an extra dose of moisture with shampoo and conditioner meant for colour treated hair!
Apart from keeping yourself hydrated, add simple things such as a scalp massage, hair mask to your hectic schedule.

We recommend:


Tressemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo


Dove Hair Therapy Intense Repair Conditioner

When You Have Dull, Lifeless Hair:

Nobody likes dull, lifeless hair. If you are getting your strands regularly re-bonded – straightening or perming – it can take away your hair’s natural sheen and make it dry. This is because the chemicals used to change the natural structure of your strands inhibit your scalp’s ability to produce natural oils that give the hair its healthy sheen. So you have to restore that balance by going for oil treatment for your hair. Stimulate your scalp through massage on a regular basis. Use a nourishing hair oil such as olive oil or almond oil, to improve blood circulation and bring back that natural shine. Use a mild or gentle shampoo with natural extracts, and products meant for chemically treated hair. Also, use a shine enhancing serum to keep your hair smooth and soft.

We recommend:


Dove Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo


Biotique Bio Flame Of The Forest Fresh Shine Expertise Oil


Wella Brilliance Leave-in Balm

When You Get Itchy Scalp that’s Not Dandruff:

Even though we do not put the colour or texture changing hair solutions directly on the scalp, it can irritate the scalp. To add to that, regular exposure to sun or humidity can affect your scalp, and make your strands either greasy or frizzy. When you load up on styling products to tame already damaged strands that product build-up can also choke your roots and scalp feels itchy.

You need to use a clarifying shampoo at least once a week, and use an Argan or Moroccan oil based miracle hair oil before you wash your hair to nourish your scalp without blocking the roots. Give your scalp and hair a break from styling products.

We recommend:


L’Oreal Paris 6Oil Nourish Extraordinary Oil


Pantene Lively Clean Shampoo


Rusk Sensories Clarify Detoxify Shampoo


Organix Eucalyptus Mint Conditioner