A Guy’s Guide To Skincare In His 30’s

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Blame it on patriarchy or social conditioning, we have all been led into believing that men don’t need skincare regimes. That fussing over breakouts or tanned complexion chips away some of their machismo. Thankfully, the arrival of the metrosexual man somewhere at the turn of the millennium has debunked some of these myths. After all, healthy skin is just as important as those muscles and abs. Here’s our guide for all you 30-something guys to show your skin some much-needed TLC:

Ditch The Soap
Seriously guys, a single bar of soap for your body and face (and hair?) may be convenient but it is definitely not a skin-friendly choice. You may not be ready for a shelf full of toiletries, but replacing one product with two isn’t exactly high-maintenance. So, begin by adding a good face wash, as per your skin type, and a gentle body wash like the Mancave Lemon & Oak Shower Gel to your kit. Cleansing your face at least twice a day is essential to get rid of all the dirt and sebum build-up.

Right Shaving Care Is A Must
Your skin suffers a great deal of wear and tear due to regular shaving, lending it a rugged, worn-out look. While we are all for staying well groomed, it is important to do so with the right kind of products. Replacing the good ol’ shaving cream with milder foams like the Nivea Men Sensitive Shaving Foam and topping it up with a replenishing after-shave lotion like the Gillette Aftershave Splash Cool Wave can help in restoring some of your skin’s lost suppleness.

Give Your Skin SPF Protection
There is a good chance that you spend a considerable time outdoors, commuting to and back from work, attending meetings, running errands and more. Your skin takes a beating every time you step out in the sun without the protective layer of SPF. So, including an effective sunscreen like the Eau Thermale Avene Day Protector is essential. If applying a moisturiser and layering it up with a sunscreen seems like too much work, an SPF-enriched day cream like the Kaya Men 3 In 1 Whitening Moisturiser can do the trick too.

Pay Attention To Your Lips
The texture of your lips is a lot different from the rest of your skin, and that’s why it needs specific care to stay healthy. Those who smoke need to go the extra mile in caring for their lips, but dry and chapped lips can be a constant even for those who don’t. A dab of a nourishing, shine and colour free lip balm like the Nivea Men Active Care Lip Balm is all you need to get the soft and smooth appearance of your lips back.

For skincare, consistency is key. So, when you find those perfect products that make your skin come alive with the right care and nourishment, don’t get lax after seeing visible changes.

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