Your Guide to Makeup Brushes and Their Uses

Your Guide to Makeup Brushes and Their Uses

Applying makeup is an intricate art. One that requires hours of watching tutorials on YouTube and Instagram and painstaking practice to get it right. Like any other art form, you need the right tools to be able to pull off that elegant, accentuated look and not end up looking like a cakey version of yourself. The right application and use of different brushes can be a tad tricky to decode. To help you with that, we spell out the correct use of some of the most basic makeup brushes that must belong in every woman’s kitty:

Eyeshadow Brush
This sleek sponge-based applicator is ideal for applying eyeshadow with precision, it ensures even coverage and seamless blending.

Pro tip: Work in a windshield-wiper motion for smooth, even application.

Large Powder Brush
With a large, bushy and round head, this brush is just right for applying compact as well as loose powder on your face to help set the foundation and concealer. The density of the bristles helps in evenly distributing the powder, creating a textured effect.

Pro tip: Always tap off the excess powder before dusting it over your T-zone, cheekbones, under eye region and jaw line.

Blush Brush
This rounded blush brush is suitable for smooth application of blush on the cheekbones and also does a good job of blending it in to create a subtle, almost natural, effect.

Pro tip: Sweep the brush loosely, moving in a 3-like pattern, starting from the temple across the cheekbone, back out and down to the jaw line.

Eye Groomer Brush
This grooming brush with soft bristles helps remove dirt, dead skin cells, and makeup residue of mascara, eyeliner or kajal from the eyebrows and lashes.

Pro tip: Clean the bristles and spoolie after every use.

Eye Smudger Brush
If you love the smokey effect on your eyes, this brush is truly your best friend. It does the job of blending and smudging to perfection.

Pro tip: Blend, blend, blend. When you think you’ve blended enough, do it one more time.

Eye Makeup Applicator
This sponge-tip applicator for the eyes helps in applying and blending different layers of makeup evenly.

Pro Tip: Works best for applying pigment to small areas such as the outer and inner corners of the eye.

Angular Blender Brush
The slanted shape of this angular brush adds that extra dimension of definition to your eyebrows.

Pro Tip: Dab it in black eyeshadow before moving it on the eyebrows to make them look darker and more defined without appearing fake.

This brush also helps you create the winged liner effect like a pro. No smudges, no uneven shape.

Eyeliner Brush
Fine, soft bristles of this brush make the job of applying eyeliner in one swift stroke a lot easier.

Pro Tip: Rest your palm on your cheekbone and use it at a slight angle to achieve that perfectly clean stroke in the first attempt.

Don’t most makeup artists apply and blend makeup with their bare hands, you ask? Well, they have expertise and years of experience on their side! As an amateur, makeup brushes can be your most trusted aides. Now, you know how to use them right.

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