Glitter For Grown-ups: A How-To Guide

glitter eye makeup

Glitter has come a long way since the large, brightly coloured particles that you used in your art projects in school or the title of that cheesy old Mariah Carey film. Nowadays, you can find extremely fine-cut and high-grade glitter in many forms – loose, pressed into eyeshadows, as a top coat for nail polish, in eye-pencils or in highlighters, to name a few.

A dash of well-placed glitter can take your look from nice-but-nothing special to stand-out in seconds. And if you’re at a music festival, or just trying to make a statement, glitter can be the best friend you never knew you had.

A tiny spot of glitter placed in the inner corner of your eyes will open up your eyes and provide a bit of shine in a non-obvious manner. To use loose glitter, you need to use a glitter adhesive first. Dip a q-tip into the adhesive and place a dot on the inner edges of your eyes, then dip the other end of the q-tip into the glitter, shake off excess gently and dab onto the adhesive and allow it to dry. The glitter will only be visible from certain angles, making for a nice, low-key look. Take it up a notch by using the glitter all along your lower lashline, or pat it gently over eyeshadow for a more full-on look. Do this first before you apply any other makeup, as there’s bound to be fallout that you’ll need to clean up!

A glittery top coat for your nails is the easiest way to experiment for the glitter-phobic. At the other end of the spectrum, you can apply glitter all over your lips for an unusual and dramatic look- although I recommend not going down this route if you’re hoping to score some lip-action as it may have the unintended effect of scaring away potential lip-locking partners.

Whether you decide to go with a touch or a ton, glitter is guaranteed to add some sparkle to your day or night!

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