How-To: Glitter Fade Mani

Want to turn heads at a party, a wedding or a college farewell, then ensure you get these party perfect manicures done! They are filled with bling, bling, and some more bling!

Glitter Fade nails are a huge trend right now. They might seem very difficult to achieve, but trust me, they are really easy to do. And if you are somebody who loves glitter as much as I do, then do not miss this opportunity to add some sparkle and shine to your fingertips!

You can try a glitter fade look with any colour, just make sure you have two glitter polishes always available in your stash.

To create this look, you need will need:
Base coat
Neutral polish shade( Light pinks to nude)
Glitter polish ( Silver or Gold)
Liquid palisade or glue
Top coat

Let’s get started:

Let’s start off by applying a base coat. Apply two coats of black nail polish onto your nails and let them dry completely.


Now take your glitter polish and wipe off the excess glitter from the brush and apply ever so lightly. Remember, the lesser, the better. Apply the glitter polish to the 2/3 area of the nail upwards. Because we are trying a glitter fade, we do not want to cover the entire nail with glitter, so remember to leave out the cuticle area.
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Now take your makeup sponge and apply some glitter polish onto it. Very gently, dab the sponge onto your nail tips and create a second glittery coat. Pat the sponge again till you get the desired effect, but ensure the polish isn’t getting clumpy.

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Now apply a quick dry top coat to seal the look and voila your glitter fade manicure is ready.


Do try this and let us know how you liked it. Don’t forget to share your pictures with us on Instagram by tagging us using #healthandglow