Expert Tips To Achieve The Perfect Smokey Eyes

Smokey Eyes is one of the best and most versatile makeup tricks you can master. Plus, one glam eye makeup look that works for everything,  be it a party with your girls or a fun date night. While this classic look may seem like something only makeup pros can nail, it’s actually quite simple to perfect the smokey eye when you break it down step-by-step. Below, we’ll walk you through how to create this classic beauty look.

  1. Prep your skin with a good moisturiser and apply a primer on your lids and around the eyes. This prevents your smokey eyes from looking like a pirate’s eye patch.
  2. Conceal any dark circle you might have with a concealer that matches your skin tone.
  3. Apply a mattifying foundation all over your face avoiding the eye area. Dust some translucent powder over the under-eye area to catch loose makeup.
  4. First, apply a smoky grey eye shadow from the lashes to the crease. Blend well with a rounded eyeshadow smudge brush. Then use an angled eye shadow brush to apply the same shadow along your lower lash line.
  5. If grey is not your colour you can even try navy blue, plum, olive green or plum to create the same look.
  6. Now define your eyes further with a creamy eyeliner. Go over your upper and lower lash line. Again use the smudge brush to soften the line.
  7. Apply a coat of volumising mascara to up the oomph factor further.
  8. It’s time to focus on the rest of your face now. Apply your foundation and, if necessary, a little blush. This part should be kept as simple as possible because you want your eyes to be the focal point. You should also use nude lipstick to avoid overpowering the eyes.

Now that you’re done creating the look, make sure that everything is absolutely dry and that there are no smudges. You could use a cotton ball to gently sweep the area. Don’t do this if you’re worried about messing up your work and are completely satisfied with the outcome.

We hope you find this black smokey eye technique useful in creating a look you’ll like. It may take some time the first time you attempt this, but it will be well worth it. Trust us!