Garnier Men Power White Double Action Facewash Review

Organic Harvest Lavender Essential Oil

What is it: It is a dual textured face wash to remove pollutants and brighten skin tone.

How it looks & feels: The face wash has a charcoal black component with salicylic acid to exfoliate the skin and remove skin pollutants; and a clay complex with vitamin C deep cleanses the skin, removes excess oil, and prevents skin darkening. The two come out together from the tube and have a creamy consistency.

Why we like it: It is definitely a novelty to see dual coloured and differently textured creamy cleansers come out from one tube. The two mix well and create a nice refreshing lather that cleans skin as promised. It does remove the greasy skin feel, and pores look minimized. Skin looks smooth and bright.

Grooming secret: Use this face wash every day after you get back from outside to clear away environmental pollutants. Great way to instantly get bright, clear skin before you head out for an evening party.

Price: Rs 185