Frizzy Hair? Here’s How You Can Fight It

Monsoon is truly a season of mixed emotions. We love the patter of rain and the earthy scent, but we also hate the problems brought on by humidity. The stubborn, unmanageable frizz that transforms everyone with curly or wavy hair into a human version of Lion King is right at the top of our monsoon-triggered miseries. Here are some useful tips that can help you fight the frizz.

Keep Your Hair Dry
Keeping your hair dry is the first important step towards a wholesome monsoon hair care regime, and not just in case it gets wet in the rain but also when you have sweat build up from having spent too much time outdoors. Dampness can weaken the roots of your hair, thereby, escalating the already menacing problem of hair fall.

Oil & Hot Towel Treatment
The best way to keep the frizz down is to provide your hair with adequate moisture, and an oil and hot towel treatment is the oldest trick in the beauty books. Oil your hair generously and wrap it up in a towel soaked in lukewarm water for at least 30 minutes. Do this every week and say hello, to soft, shiny tresses!

Use Sulphate & Alcohol-Free Shampoo
With all that humidity and grime build up, you tend to wash your hair a lot more frequently during this season than you do across the rest of the year. It is, therefore, absolutely imperative that you use a sulphate and alcohol-free shampoo like Delon Shampoo With Macadamia Oil. Sulphate tends to dry the hair strands, making them prone to damage. Similarly, alcohol can cause the hair cuticles to swell up, further contribute to the frizz.

Hydrate, Hydrate & Hydrate
Although conditioning is a basic necessity, you need to throw in something extra to fight the monsoon frizz effectively. In addition to a good, nourishing conditioner like Delon Hair Conditioner With Argan Oil, using a deep conditioning hair mask like Kaya Root Regen Deep Conditioning Hair Masque at least once a week and an anti-frizz cream like Bblunt Climate Control Anti-Frizz Leave-In Cream is the quintessential holy grail that’ll help keep your tresses manageable.

DIY Hair Masks
Natural ingredients sitting in our kitchen pantry can provide all the right nourishment your hair needs to combat the frizz. Whip up an all-natural hair mask with a mashed banana mixed with honey and coconut oil or yogurt infused with honey and lemon. Whisked egg with almond oil helps add that dimension of softness and extra shine. If you don’t have the time to mix it up, slathering some mayonnaise straight from the jar works like magic too.

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