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It is that time of the year again when each one of us is filled with immense pride in our country and its heritage. From history to warfare, mathematics to medical science, our ancient lineage abounds in lessons that are just as relevant to our time as they were back in the day. One such lesson is using the bounties of nature to nurture our body and skin. This Independence Day, we bring you a rundown of some cruelty-free, organic products to free your skin from constant exposure to chemicals:

Biotique Anti-ageing Serum
Skin ageing remains one of the most pressing beauty concerns, and the nastiest manifestation of it is the wrinkles. The Biotique Advanced Anti-Age BXL Cellular Youth Serum is a light formula made from all-natural ingredients such as pure dandelion, nutmeg oil, vitamin E and essential minerals, it is an effective way to reduce those stubborn wrinkles without worrying about any harmful chemicals.

Biotique Shampoo and Conditioner
Using harsh chemical-based products on your hair can not only mess up the hair texture but also disrupt the scalp’s natural pH balance. The Biotique Fresh Daily Purifying Shampoo & Conditioner made with a delicate blend of Centella, green apple extracts and sea algae provides deep cleansing and nourishment the natural way. With shampoo and conditioner rolled into one, it is the perfect pick for those who find themselves too pressed to maintain an elaborate hair care regime.

SOVA Bathing Bar
Not so long ago, shower gels took the beauty industry by storm, phasing out the humble soap bars. With millions of discarded plastic bottles piling up in landfills across the globe, soap bars are making a comeback and how! The SOVA bathing bar range presents a good ol’ soap bar with an exotic twist. If you love subtle fragrances and are looking for a product that nourishes as it cleanses, we recommend their Coconut & Warm Vanilla Bathing Bar.

Lotus Makeup Range
Herbal and make-up don’t go hand in hand – that was the prevalent perception for a long time, but Lotus turned this myth around with its range of beauty products that offer smooth finish, good coverage, and longevity minus the concoction of chemicals. The LOTUS ECOSTAY Nourishing Foundation, LOTUS NATURALBLEND Ivory Compact, and LOTUS ECOSTAY Super Finish Mousse are the way to go for anyone looking to make a paradigm shift to chemical-free makeup.

Rubys Organics Lipsticks
The skin on our lips is not only different but also more delicate compared to the rest of our face. Naturally then, you need specially crafted products to keep the suppleness and natural pink hues of your lips intact. Ruby’s Organics gives you just that with its mold-breaking organic lipstick like Rubys Organics Lipstick Apricot and their tinted lip balm, so go doll up all you want without worrying about altered lip texture and colour.

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