Flower Power; Wonderful Actives That Work

Flower power; wonderful actives that work

Bouquet of blooms are in vogue these days especially when it comes to beauty care. Their petals, stems, bulbs, oils have been found to have tremendous benefits for a myriad of complexion concerns. They help not just your skin, but aid in reviving dull, dry hair, often signaling aging.

Rose: Toning and Moisturising
It is one of the most well known flowers whose extracts have been used to deal with various health and skin issues. According to spokesperson from Dabur rose extracts have world’s best known moisturizing qualities. The essential oil extracted from rose also tones the skin and adds radiance to the complexion. It also soothes dry, chapped skin. Rose flower extracts is rich in vitamins C, A D, and E and have flavonoids which acts as antioxidants for the skin. It also offers mind and body benefits. Rose water, one of the most popular ways to use rose for skin offers multipurpose benefits. When applied ice cold to skin after exposure to hot sun, it calms the burning, and instantly adds moisture to dehydrated skin. Rose water also acts as a great soother for tired eyes, and can be mixed with your face pack for extra dose of skin boosting vitamins.
We like Dabur Gulabari, with rose oil to maintain moisture balance, and eliminate dry dull skin.

White Lily: Anti-Pigmentation and Soothing
White lily is a softly fragrant flower whose extracts have soothing astringent and anti-inflammatory properties. White lily is also a very well known aphrodisiac and its scent has a relaxing effect on the senses. It also blocks the formation of melanin thus giving skin an even tone. The glycolic acid in the petals helps in removing dead skin cells. It offers a great antiaging skin formula that works in the deep layers of the skin bolsters the structure from within. Extracts of white lily also helps in dealing with health issues like general weakness, and bronchitis.
Try Himalaya Herbals Revitalizing Night Cream which penetrates deep into the skin and soothes very dry skin, and helps create an even complexion.

Hibiscus: Hair Conditioning
Hibiscus, also popularly known as javakusuma or shoe flower, is a very widely grown flower in India. Besides being a part of religious rites, the bright red flower is a common ingredient in traditional Indian hair care. The infusion of the flower when mixed with any vegetable oil and applied to the scalp soothes itchy skin. It is also known to heal scalp rashes due to heat. Hibiscus can stimulate blood circulation and has an astringent action that controls sebum on the scalp and restores the balance. Regular usage can help improve the hair condition and allows follicles to grow strong.
We like Biotique Flame of the Forest Hair Oil to prevent dandruff and hair loss, when massaged on to the scalp about half hour before shampooing.