Firm And Lift With InstantLift

Firm and lift with InstantLift

Youthful appearance is not just smooth, wrinkle-free facial skin. In a recent clinical research done by the Pond’s Institute, it was found that along with smooth skin, the toned, firm appearance of the jaw line also made for a youthful appearance. The study further showed that today women not only want skin smoothening benefits from their anti-ageing creams, they also wanted a product that would also firm and lifts their jaw line and neck area (also called the Y-contour) for a more defined look.

That is when Pond’s Institute developed its breakthrough skin lifting formulation InstantLift which includes new skin rejuvenating active called Lipo-dipeptide, and Polyimide. Lipo-dipeptide restores elastin strength and function in the skin. It is made up of amino acids -Tyrosine and Arginine, both are part of skin’s natural building block. The new technology allows this combination of amino acids to be absorbed easily into the skin. Lipo-dipeptide once it gets into the skin increases the amount of elastin produced by the skin cells. It also bolsters the skin’s fiber structure.

According to Pond’s Global Research & Development head, Lise Jorgensen at Pond’s Institute, a clinical test of this new formulation showed that skin can look 10 years younger with regular use and that this can improve the contour’s firmness instantly, and it significantly lifts the double chin both immediately and in the long-term.

So if you are looking to give your skin that extra boost, especially if start noticing your jaw line drooping, or neck area sagging, then try out the Pond’s Age Miracle Firm & Lift range, which has been developed by the skincare brand based on the InstantLift formulation created by Pond’s Institute. In fact, the brand has already evaluated the range on over 150 women, and 90 percent have agreed that their skin felt more firm, and supple all over after applying the actives in the cream.