Finding Happiness: Keeping It Glowing With Jerusha Joseph

This too shall pass – there is a reason why this old saying prevailed. Life goes on, no matter how difficult it seems from time to time. The past few months made me believe in this even more. I am making the most of the time by spending it with my family and finding happiness in little things.

Rise And Sip!
Waking up with the sounds of birds chirping in my neighbourhood every morning is bliss. My day kickstarts with a cup of tender coconut water while soaking in some freshness in my little garden.

The Work Begins
I begin my work by reading my emails and text updates and compiling a to-do list for the day. Focus comes easy, thanks to the nice workspace that I built when I started working from home.


Good Food. Good Mood
The No.1 in my gratitude list? Managing to get home before lockdown! The second? Being able to enjoy my mom’s food. Nothing can beat the warmth of a home-cooked meal when times are tough.

A Productive Afternoon
Afternoons have been always special. It’s a time when the hustle-bustle of the mornings takes a small break. So do I during workdays. A little cup of green tea with a few pages of the book that I am currently reading – that’s all I need to rejuvenate for the rest of the day.

Fantastic Furs And How To Pet Them
I take a short mental break outside to rest after work. During this time I normally feed my furry friends to make sure they are taken care of. I have always been a pet lover, now, more than ever!

Opting For Optimism
As far as my everyday activities are concerned, I like to play it by ear & do whatever the day calls for. From trying out a new recipe to practising a quick dance move, I indulge in activities that take to keep up that positivity. Lately, I have found myself interested in baking and I am learning so much about it.

It’s Time to Go To Bed and Repeat!
It’s the most precious time of the day for me when I go back to Joel Osteen’s Your Best Life Now. As the night deepens, I open my journal. Another day has successfully ended. I celebrate the little moments by noting them down. Happiness is that I am alive, I am loved, and I am capable of sharing the positivity with others. I am at home. It’s this bright side that I keep collecting in my journal. It’s a reminder to me how each of us is playing a key role in keeping the virus away just by staying at home.

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