Find The Right Sun Protection According To Your Skin Type

With the potential risk of skin damage every time you step outdoors lurking around, sun protection is the one basic that you must have in your skin care range at all times. This becomes even more imperative now that summer is almost here, which means sun rays are stronger, days longer and the tendency to spend time outdoors higher. And it’s not just using any sunscreen that counts. It must be one that’s right for you. Does your sunscreen make your face extra greasy or extra dry? Does that make you wonder which sunscreen is best for your skin type? We’re here to put that perennial dilemma to rest. 

What Is The Best Sun Protection for You? 
When choosing a product for protection against the sun, most of us tend to look at two key factors – the spectrum of coverage that includes the SPF value (which must be 30 or above, by the way) and PA, and second, the composition to see whether it’s physical or chemical. However, this also depends on your skin type. Here’s a guide to help you ascertain the compatibility: 

  • Sunscreen creams and lotions are best suited for dry skin. 
  • Gel and spray sunscreens work best for oily skin. 
  • Spray sunscreens also work for combination skin, along with powder-based formulations. 

Here’s our pick of sunscreens that are best suited, as per your skin type: 

Dry Skin:
Keep in mind that dry skin thrives on hydrating products, your sunscreen included:

Eau Thermale Avene Very High Protection Cream
A light-weight formula infused with thermal spring water, this sunscreen has been designed for dry and sensitive skin.
Kaya Moisturising Sunscreen
With hydrating components that keep the skin nourished all day long, this sunscreen serves a dual purpose of moisturising and protecting.
Mitchell USA Moisturising Sunscreen
A moisturising yet oil-free formula enriched with Vit A, C and E, it offers broad range protection against harsh sun rays.

Oily Skin:
The mantra for this skin type is to keep the oil secretion and sebum production at a minimum. So, choose your sun protection wisely. These sunscreens help you do that: 

Eau Thermale Avene Protection Spray
A spray-based, water-resistant formulation that is light on the skin, yet offers broad spectrum protection.
Plum Green Tea Day Light Sunscreen Gel
The gel, fortified with aloe juice, green tea and niacinamide, calms irritation, fights acne and reduces uneven skin tone.
The non-comedogenic formulation allows your skin to breathe without leaving any white cast.
Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock
This waterproof, sweat-proof sunscreen is known for a matte, non-shiny finish and excellent coverage.

Combination Skin:
It’s like having the worst of both worlds, so your skin care has to about maintaining that delicate balance of hydration.

Dermafique Sun Care All Matte
Known to create a matte effect without drying out the skin too much, this cream effectively prevents tanning, pigmentation and damage.
Neutrogena Sheer Zinc Oxide Dry-Touch Sunscreen SPF50+ 80ml
A sweat-proof and waterproof sunscreen, it offers protection not just against sun rays but also damages caused by pollutants.
L’Oreal Paris UV Perfect Even Complexion Advanced UV Protector Creme
An ultra-light, non-greasy moisturising cream enriched in Detoxyl to inhibit pollutants fixation on the skin and ward off skin damage and premature ageing.

Normal Skin
Even the most low-maintenance skin type needs the right care. 

Kaya Sun Defense Sunscreen
This broad spectrum sunscreen offer protection against UVA and UVB rays while also working on fading the tan lines and dark spots caused due to exposure to sun. 

Tvaksh Face Guard Sunscreen Gel
With SPF count of 50 and PA+++ ratings , this does the job of protecting the skin against sun damage while lending it a dry, matte finish.

Eau Thermale Avene High Protection Fluid
With SPF50, this sunscreen guards the skin against tanning, oxidative stress and regulates sebum production, leaving skin with a matte finish.

The next time you go sunscreen shopping, choose wisely and revel in the difference it makes to your skin. 

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