Festive Hairstyles & Tools You Need To Nail It

As life inches towards normal (COVID recedes), we hope nothing dampens the festivities this year. The season deserves to be celebrated after a year-long hiatus (albeit with ample caution). By now you must have stocked enough outfits to last the celebrations, if not then exploit the umpteen sales across the web right away. And after you’re done with that, decide on your hairstyles. We have shortlisted a few,  check them out.

The Classic Low Bun

Count on this trusted companion if you’re wrapping yourself in a saree this festive season. Just draw up your hair in a sleek low bun, fix it in place with bobby pins or a hair tie and let lose a few strands at the front. You may curl these strands up with this Ikonic curler for added oomph. Decorate your bun with ornamental pins or a fragrant gajra. 

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Image: therighthairstyles.com

The Effortless Half Bun
The half-bun works with traditional outfits just as well as it does with a western wardrobe. The best thing about it is that hair length isn’t a bar. Just separate the top half of your hair into a ponytail, curl it into a bun, ease the base for extra volume and secure it with bobby pins. You can add bling to it by adding a maang-tikka too.

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The Sleek Ponytail
It’s easy, versatile and forever chic. When in doubt or running short of time, straighten your hair and tie it up high. Everyone loves the sashay of a sophisticated pony. Consider using the Syska hair straightener for perfection and adding shiny hair accessories to spread some sparkle.

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The Reliable Braids
There’s no going wrong with braids. Be it simple plaits flanking a parting, or elaborate French ones skimming down your waist, they unmistakably amp up any festive look. Choose the kind depending on your hair length and patience. We suggest decorating them with festive flowers to complete the look.

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Image: youtube.com

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