Father’s Day Inspired Nail Art

Fathers hold a very special place in a child’s life, and no matter how old you grow, he will still be the person who you admire and confide in.

He is the one with whom you had the most of your First’s. Your first love, your first and most loved superhero (remember when you slept off on the couch while watching TV and woke up to be in bed 😀 it was him) your first teacher and not to forget your first philosopher!

If you are running out of gifting ideas for Father’s Day, here is a lovely nail art design that is dedicated to all the loving fathers in the world!

To create this look, you will need:
Blue Nail Polish
Silver Nail Polish
White Nail Polish
Black Nail Polish
Red Acrylic Paint
Dotting Tool
Stripper Brush
Top Coat
Base Coat

Let’s get started:
Blue & white nail polish

Prep your nails first and begin by applying Blue, Silver, White, Black, and Red nail polishes as your base onto different nails.

Dotted nail

To create some spots, place some black nail polish in a bowl/tray and dip the dotting tool in it. Use the dotting tool and place dots of similar sizes all over the thumb.

nail design - shirt
For the shirt, use a stripper brush dipped in white nail polish and slowly create a ‘V’. Now fill in the nail and using a toothpick create tiny dots. Use black paint to create a little bow tie.

moustache nail art

To create a mustache design on your index finger, draw an inverted  ‘S’  on both the sides. Ensure it’s cohesive. Now join them together and fill in the remaining gaps using some more paint. Place two small dots to create a little hat on the right corner.  Don’t forget to draw a face!

Father's Day nail art
For the accent nail, Use the same stripper brush to write down I (heart) Dad. The easiest way to create a heart is to place two dots side by side using a dotting tool and connect the same to a ‘V’ using a stripper brush. Now use the same stripper brush and with a very steady hand, write DAD!

Father's Day manicure

Seal all the designs with a matte or shiny top coat & voila your Father’s Day manicure is ready. Now if you are running short of words to express you love to you dad, all you need to do is just show him your manicure!

Happy Father’s Day!