The Fall Hair Colour Trends You’ve Gotta Try

The Fall Hair Colour Trends You've Gotta Try

Your wardrobe and makeup stash receive a makeover every season, so why not your hair? We bring you some of the hottest hair colour trends from the world over. So, if you’ve ignored your hair in summer and can’t wait to give it a trendy makeover, now’s the time. Check out these stunning fall hair colour trends and own the one you love.

Glossy black
Remember the glossy, jet black hair that your granny used to rave about? It is the season’s hottest trends with the who’s who of Hollywood sporting the colour in side-parted waves, baby curls, pixie cuts, bobs, and slicked-back hairstyles. If you’re blessed naturally with rich black hair, there isn’t a better time than this fall to flaunt it with a new haircut or some glossy shine. Else, considering giving it a true black up-do.

Flannel hair
The warm colours seen on flannel shirts are the inspiration behind this hair colour trend that’s flooding Instagram feeds. Deep, rich shades of red and brown such as auburn, burnt copper, cider, and cinnamon look amazingly lush on your hair and add a certain warmth to your features in this season of frosty winds and chills. What’s more, the trend doesn’t discriminate as these shades suit all skin tones from pale to wheatish and dusky. Rock this trend by dyeing your hair in a single, warm shade of red or brown. Or get creative with a deep to light ombre, a balayage, or a sectional highlight.

Cold brew hair
How about sipping a cup of creamer laced-coffee a cold winter evening? Well, that’s more or less the inspiration behind this fall trend that adds swirls of neutral, gold, or warm brown to your hair. The hair colour works with a deep brunette base, accentuated by wisps of highlighted hair that melt into your locks just as how milk flows into the coffee.

Toasted coconut
Always loved blonde-coloured hair but stayed away from it because the shade would leave you the odd one out? Well, this fall-winter is just the time for you to embrace your love for lighter-toned hair. Toasted coconut, an offshoot of the bronde (brown + blonde) trend is an ombre hair colour featuring brown or brunette roots that gradually transition into blonder ends. Toasted coconut works beautifully well on dark Indian hair, which can be enhanced with icy-toned or warm, honey blonde shades. This hair trend is low maintenance as the natural, dark colour of the new growth adds to the ‘toastiness’ of your hair.

Which one of these trends would you try out? Let us know in the comments below.

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