Face Mists To Keep You Fresh During Summer

With the weather being so hot and humid outside, you’ll want to make sure you can beat the heat while also keeping your face cool! And a few spritzes of face mist is one of the best ways to get an instant refresh! So, keep reading to learn what a face mist is and how to find the suitable one for your skin type, plus, a few top recommendations!

What Is A  Face Mist?
Face mists are an all in one solution to rehydrate and refresh your skin in just a few seconds. Busy schedules lead to neglect of hydration and skin care routines, consequently causing dry, flaky skin in winters and oily skin in the summer. A quick spritz with a face mist leaves your skin looking dewy and naturally glowing without elaborate makeup and skin care routines. Whether you are at work or a party, face mists upgrade your look without smudging your makeup. There are face mists for every type of skin sensitive, oily, and dull. 

Why Are They Important?
Face mists are multipurpose. Before purchasing and seeing the effects of the mist on your skin firsthand, it might seem hard to believe that a product like this is essential; however, most users swear by the fact that they end up using their mists multiple times in a day. Face mists are a must for busy people always on the go. In India’s hot and humid climate, you might not always have time to refresh yourself with a shower or apply dense, sticky moisturisers. Instead, you can use a mist to absorb extra oil and hydrate your skin in one application. For those with sensitive skin, flaking and itching is a common problem in winters. Face mists contain soothing ingredients like chamomile, lavender, and vitamin C will nourish your skin. 

When To Use A Face Mist?
The versatility of face mists implies that you can use face mists multiple times, both for skin care and makeup routines. Most people like to apply a rejuvenating face mist to cure dull skin after waking up. You can use one to minimise oily pores and sweating post-workout. Some face mists are also effective as makeup primers when you do not have access to a cleanser or toner, and if your makeup look has turned out to be a bit brighter than what you were aiming for, a spritz of mist can help tone it down. 

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