Face Mist – The Underrated Skin Hero

Face Mist

Skin that stays dewy fresh and soft all day long is the dream. The answer to this perennial quest is so insanely simple that you’d beat yourself up for not trying it sooner. A few pumps of a face mist is all it takes to refresh and hydrate your skin anytime, anywhere.

Face mists have long been dismissed as just another beauty fad that adds to your list of skincare products. In our opinion, this is one of the most product. These top benefits of face mists are proof:

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Hydrates the Skin
No matter what your skin type, it still needs hydration. A refreshing, hydrating formula like the Beauty Formulas Body & Face Cooling Mist gives your skin the right kind of hydration without making it too greasy or oily and also soothes the skin in the hot and humid weather conditions.

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Tones the Skin
If you find the right formula, face mist can also act as an effective skin toner. For instance, this paraben-free face mist from Coccoon  not only refreshes and hydrates the skin but also helps in toning it, diminishing wrinkles and fine lines in the process. Face mists can, thus, be immensely effective in combating signs of ageing.

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Soothes the Skin
Does your skin react to the slightest of irritants with flare-ups and breakouts? Using a face mist at night can help soothe it down and leave it rejuvenated and refreshed. An anti-inflammatory and antiseptic formula like the ENN Recovery Eucalyptus + Tea Tree Facial Mist is the ideal therapeutic solution to calm and heal sensitive skin.

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Locking In Hydration
Not only does a face mist help hydrate the skin but the water-like consistency of these solutions also help lock in hydration. Spray your face with a facial mist just before applying moisturiser or use a formula like The Face Shop Chia Seed Calming Mist with inherent moisturising properties to keep your skin supple and soft all day.

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Wakes Up Your Skin
Spraying your face with a little face mist can wake up your skin at any time of the day, leaving it rejuvenated and fresh. A refreshing face mist Plum Green Tea Revitalising Face Mist infused with green tea extracts cools down the skin surface and revitalises fatigues skin on the go. With continued use, it can also help combat blemishes, acne and other signs of significant damage.

Now, that you know how beneficial face mists can be in keeping your skin healthy and supple, shop the right formula for your needs here.

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