Exploring In Lockdown: Keeping It Glowing With Neeta NandaKumar Bhat

“My idea is to slow down and remain calm. Some of them need to learn that they don’t own me”

 New Year Resolution 2020, Earth

To Be Or Not To Be
Is what I ponder as I walk down at 8AM to pick up milk that the everyday superheroes risk themselves to deliver. The lockdown has definitely brought us closer as an apartment, through WhatsApp I mean. Our mornings start off with a fun debate on who took whose milk packet! There are google sheets shared too, to make things easier! On the non-drama side, it’s interesting to see us as a community coming together to help each other (e.g.: getting essentials for the quarantined houses) and the people around us.

Off To Kitchen
Staying at home makes you hungry. So 3 meals to cook, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Gone are the days when you could just order food. The good thing is I have Michelle Obama keeping me company! Yes, this is also the time when I listen to my audio books. ‘Becoming’ is on the verge of getting over.


Off To My Little Workstation
(Yes I took dibs on the window seat!)
Work from home has its pros and cons. Of course, being safe is the most important thing right now but I miss the fun banter with colleagues. My current situation has given me a new opportunity to experiment with creative.  And to do that, you need time and space which this lockdown has given me! I also indulge in some learnings between work. I’ve enrolled in some advanced software courses on Udemy to help me with my work and improve my knowledge. Something I never had time for in a normal scenario.

Chaye Pe Camera
It took me 3 years and a lockdown to notice that the sunset from my balcony is so beautiful. A camera borrowed just before lockdown got stuck with me and now turned out to be my companion during my evening tea break.

Plank Challenge: Loser Does The Dinner And Dishes
Just kidding! It’s 8PM. We try and do a quick 15-20 minute workout every day or every other day just to keep some endorphins running. It could be planks, or it could just a walk on our terrace.

Who’s The MasterChef
Dinner has to be something interesting, out of mom’s recipe book. So, experiment away, the men of the house (my husband and brother-in-law). Doing chores and cooking together during lockdown has definitely brought us together as a family (they even allowed me to give them fun haircuts!)

Winding Up For The Day
Little did I know a book challenge started in January as a resolution will end up becoming a great source of a break for me to unwind at this rough time. Right now reading – The Forest of Enchantments- by Chitra Banerjee.  It’s either a book or I indulge in some Floral Mandala water colouring for 30 minutes. I haven’t sat and painted in years, helps calm my mind.

It’s important to find that positive note in the chaos. I do hope we all get out of this remembering to be a bit kinder to the environment that we are blessed with.

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