Everything you need to know about Cut Crease Makeup!

Only if you blink, can you see it.

The swinging 60’s has made a comeback on our makeup palette and we are deeply crushing on it. The Cut Crease Look is setting the trend-o-meter on fire. The dramatic play may look challenging but popular blogger Sonia Thiyam has listed her super easy tips.




Glitter Liner

Achieving the cut crease makeup look

Sonia Thiyam’s cut crease makeup look


  1. Apply concealer or eyeshadow base.
  1. Next, follow the natural shape of your eye with dark colored eyeshadow to deepen the upper crease by spreading outward.
  1. Blend well in a curved manner.
  1. Use a glitter liner and wing out above just down where your shadow ends.

Go on, steal the spotlight!