Everything You Need To Know About Bacne

Acne, zits, pimples – whatever you call them – affect not just your face but many other parts of your body, especially the back. When this happens, you know what you get – bacne! The condition is often quite painful, irritating, and even annoying, especially for women who want to flaunt low back or backless outfits, and men who want to bare their torsos on the beach. Here is all that you need to know about bacne, and how you can soothe those eruptions down, and prevent them from re-occurring.

What causes bacne?
The acne that appears on the back develops pretty much in the same way as that on your face. The sebum that your body produces gets mixed with dirt and dead cells and begins clogging pores and harbouring bacteria. This eventually results in bacne.

How can you get rid of bacne?
Eager to get rid of those pesky zits on your back? Here is what you need to do.

1. Wear clean and breathable clothes
Tight fitting clothes, especially those that are made from synthetic fibers such as polyester and nylon can rub against your body, and cause friction, which irritates your skin. Opt for loose fitted clothes, preferably those made from cotton, as they are breathable, and also absorb sweat well. Also, ensure that your clothes are clean and hygienic.

2. Clean up thoroughly after a workout
It’s good to sweat it out and keep yourself fit and healthy, but it’s equally important that you take a good shower after your workout. The earlier you get your body rid of sweat and dirt, the better.

3. Scrub your body
Exfoliating your body with a good scrub helps remove dead skin cells and other buildups on the skin. Scrub your body with a bath scrub such as Health & Glow Exfoliating Bath Scrub Cream or Upbeat Citrus Body Scrub, once or twice every week. Follow up with a lightweight and non-pore-clogging body lotion after bathing.

4. Keep dandruff under control
Dandruff is a villain not only on your scalp but also on your back. Many dermats say that people who have been troubled by flaky and itchy scalp also see acne on their back. This is especially true if you have long hair, or if your sport a hairstyle in which the hair constantly comes in contact with your back. Build a hair care routine that includes an anti-dandruff oil, shampoo, and conditioner to keep trouble at bay. Also, stick to ponytails or braids that are less likely to come in contact with the skin on the back.

5. See if change of laundry detergent helps
The ingredients in detergents and fabric softeners used in laundry may sometimes wreak havoc on your back, especially if your skin is of the sensitive type. Using fragrance-free and mild products can actually make a visible difference if your bacne is caused by skin-irritants.

Some skin types are more prone to acne than others. The condition can also arise as a result of allergic reaction. It is a good practice to consult a dermatologist if bacne persists for a longer duration of time, or if the breakout happens suddenly and densely.

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