Erase Fine Lines With Amino Peptide Complex

Erase fine lines with amino peptide complex

What is it: Amino peptide complex also known as pal-KTTKS is a beauty lab discovery that works at the cellular level of the skin. The scientists at the P&G Labs found this, a pentapeptide from collagen – our natural skin building substance – can reduce the appearance of fine lines without hurting skin’s natural barriers. The scientists claim that this aminopeptide complex actually mimics the result given by many clinical skin treatments.

How it works: Your skin cells accumulate damage from environmental stressors such as UV rays and free radicals. These stressors weaken skin cells and accelerate skin aging. The amino-peptide complex can harness your skin’s natural wound-healing ability to regenerate youthful, healthy cells, leading to a dramatically younger-looking complexion.

Skin benefits: Interestingly, pal-KTTKS mimics the collagen-stimulating activity of a laser treatment. Those who have used skin creams with this amino peptide for around three months have seen dramatic reduction in skin concerns like fine lines and wrinkles.

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