Empowering Women Through #hngwomenforwomen

Often times we forget how a sisterhood could stand up for and influence positive change in one another. When we initiated #hngwomenforwomen campaign, that is exactly what we had in mind. We thought of empowering women by providing them with the basic, a sanitary napkin, because to a lot of rural women even that is a luxury. Let’s revisit how a concept geared at bringing women together for a cause has fuelled bigger initiatives and influenced change, specifically through #RightToPeriod.

An Initiative in Association With Goonj
The campaign is simple: We pledged to contribute the entire profit margin of the sales of sanitary napkins to provide Goonj’s menstrual kits to the women in rural India. All you had to do is buy sanitary napkins from us and be a part of #hngwomenforwomen. The campaign will be on until March 2020. The more you buy from us, the more women you help.

The campaign was made possible through a collaboration with Goonj, a non-profit organization that addresses basic but neglected issues of the marginals and not-so-privileged ones by helping them evolve their own solutions with dignity and urban material as a reward.

Why #RightToPeriod?
Blessed are those among us who have access to menstrual hygiene products. The struggle during the monthly cycle is real, but women in rural areas suffer far worse, in silence. Reused pieces of cloth, newspapers, and other unhygienic means used to absorb menstrual blood leave them at high risk of infections; not to mention the taboos that follow. These women are treated as untouchables, forcing them to seclusion through sleeping on the floor, staying away from auspicious gatherings, and even worse, skipping or totally dropping out of work and school. What could be our duty other than empowering women who are still fighting for something as basic as menstrual hygiene? #RightToPeriod is an effort to make a difference in the lives of these underprivileged, who suffer stigma and discrimination in the name of a normal bodily function.

Making A Difference
Through the #hngwomenforwomen campaign, we’ve collected profits from the sales of sanitary napkin packs through the Health & Glow app/website and stores. The money has been used to distribute Goonj’s menstrual hygiene kits to women in rural India to help make those days easier, safer, and more hygienic for them. Till date, we have, in association with Goonj, distributed 45,000+ napkins! An effort that would not have been possible without your participation.

We Salute You!
Our #hngwomenforwomen warriors who shopped with us have been our biggest pillars of support. And we congratulate and salute every woman who’s made a conscious effort to bring about a positive change in the lives of these rural women.

Join the cause, spread the word, because as fellow women that’s where our duty lies, empowering women.

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