Easy Halloween Makeup looks

Easy Halloween Makeup Looks

Can you feel a certain chill in the air today? No, we are not indicating towards the pre-winter chills of the October. We are talking about the most loved Autumn festival – Halloween! We all love getting dressed and spook people around us! and Halloween costumes and masks are a perfect way to do that. A creatively done makeup look also comes handy in this case. Our in-house makeup artist Seher Qureshi has put-together 2 creative yet easy Halloween looks using only countable products which you can achieve even at the last minute

Look 1: Ice Queen

We are still contemplating whether this makeup look is pretty or scary or both. Channel your inner Elsa, add some drama and spookiness to it and we are sure, you’ll slay this look. To execute this, think of turquoise and silver and go wild with your imagination. Go monochrome and start by applying a turquoise eyeshadow onto your lids. Remember to use a product that has a metallic finish. Dab on a silver shadow on the center of the eyelids and some onto the inner corner. Brush on the same shade onto your brows and lower lash line.

Use the same product to highlight your cheekbones and the bridge of your nose. Finish off the eyes with a pair of flasies and a few coats of black matte-finish mascara. For the lips, opt for a deep blue matte lipstick. At last, awaken the painter inside you and draw the vertical patterns on cheeks and lips.

Look 2: Why So Serious

If you want to create an offbeat eerie makeup look for Halloween, then look no further. Start with gold and a hint of copper eyeshadow on the eyelids. Apply a thick wick of winged eyeliner on both eyes and a prominent dash of kohl onto the lower lash line. Fill in your brows and apply a few coats of mascara. For lips, go for either magenta or dark pink. For the half skull pattern drawn here, you can pick a dark black kohl and a few shades of cream based eyeshadows. Seher has chosen sunset hues a very subtle yet freaky combination of yellow and orange. You don’t require to keep it too neat since it’s a Halloween makeup but we suggest blending the colors well to achieve a put-together look.

And for those of you who have to attend a Halloween party right away and there is no makeup around lying around. We are organizing a free Halloween makeup session by our talented makeup artist Seher for anyone who walks into our “H&G” store located in Koramangala 7th block, Bangalore. We look forward to seeing you there.

Happy Halloween!

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