An Earth Day Vow to Embrace Organic Food

We are inhabitants of a planet that has given us abundant resources selflessly, just like a mother would feed her offspring. However, in the quest for convenience and perceived ‘quality’, we have ended up endorsing so many products in our daily lives, which do us and Mother Nature more damage than good. Diseases which were unheard of decades ago, top charts as fatal ones. A commemoration like Earth Day stands to remind us of the impending disasters, which if not corrected on time, can cause ourselves and the generations to come, pretty dearly.

Taking care of the earth also means bringing harmony between our everyday actions that have an impact on the ecosystem. A recent surge in this regard has been the emergence of organic food. When you walk into a supermarket, it’s common to find a dedicated section with produce labelled as ‘organic’. They are a little pricey as compared to the rest, but what is it that makes organic products worthy of their status? There’s no better time than Earth Day to revisit the need for such products in our lives.

1 – Cut down chemicals

When you opt to consume organic foods, you take one step forward towards eating healthy. Organic foods are produced using environmentally sustainable practices and hence are free from chemical and harmful substances that are generally used to increase crop yields.

2 – Keep antibiotics and hormones away

The mentality of ‘quantity over quality’ has led to the widespread use of hormones and antibiotics in farming, especially in poultry, eggs, and dairy. Organic food says no to these toxic substances that have a deteriorating impact on our health. It also shuns the use of genetically modified crops that affect our health adversely.

3 – Consume more nutritious food

Studies show, that foods grown organically tend to be higher in nutritive value than non-organic ones. Vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and micronutrient rich organic food, over time, are definitely a better substitute to the multi-nutrient pills that you pop to feed your body.

4 – Enjoy better taste

Organic foods are cultivated for taste and not for their appearance. Sustainable practices in organic farming ensure well-nourished and well-balanced soil, which produces healthy plants. These, in turn, give food that is healthier and they taste better too!

5 – Preserve our ecosystem

Organic food promotes farming in harmony with nature. Keeping farmlands away from toxic fertilisers and pesticides also brings down soil, water, and air pollution that these harmful substances cause. Organic farming promotes the preservation of soil, and rotation of crops. Wildlife, insects, birds and soil organism that are a part of the ecological chain get to play their role without interference or compromise.

When you make the choice to go organic, you do a service to yourself and the generations to come. Tread this path towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly future!

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Create a healthier you and a healthier planet! Happy Earth Day!