Earth Day Special: Your Ideal Morning Routine

Given our tight morning schedules, we often tend to rush through our morning regimes. We end up using various products in no particular order and as the mood strikes us. However, there are huge benefits to following an ordered skin regime every morning. Use this ready reckoner to improve your morning skin care routine and get the perfect glow on your skin.

This skin care regime streamlines the layers of product and make application easier to master. So if you do not have a morning routine, worry not, we are breaking down the ideal ‘day routine’ step by step using organic products. This Earth Day, take a vow to use organic products that cause no harm to the body or the environment!


What goes first? Face Wash

The skin repairs itself at night and that is why you have oily skin in the morning, so as soon as you wake up, wash your face with a face wash that controls oil. Such face washes will not only remove the excess oil but it will also boost your mood. Who doesn’t want to smell nice in the morning! Jovees Tea Tree face wash contains precious herbs and botanical extracts that help tame oily skin and it smells nice too!




AzafranWhat comes next? Cleanser

Now you might ask why should one use a cleanser if they are using a face wash. Let’s jump right in! While both these products are used to cleanse the face – face wash is meant to be washed away; however, a cleanser needs to be wiped off.  A cleanser will remove deeper seated debris and unclog pores that have been exposed to a lot of dust and pollution. So it is really important to cleanse your face. Azafran’s Multi Fruit Clear Skin Facial Cleanser is made using a blend of 5 fruit extracts that help exfoliate the dull upper layer of the skin. So grab it now!


Organic Harvest

Then what? Toner

After washing and cleansing your face, your skin needs nourishment and that is where a toner comes in. A toner soothes, nourishes and hydrates your skin by resorting the pH balance and preps your skin for a moisturiser. This Neem Tulsi Toner by Organic Harvest solves all the oily skin problems. The unique oil-free and alcohol-free formula helps provide a healthy glow to the face.





Why should I moisturise?

Everyone needs that one product that helps their skin stay soft and smooth throughout the day. No matter what skin type you have – oily, dry or sensitive, keep it moisturised. Use Organix’s Coconut Milk Body Lotion and rejuvenate your skin. The coconut oil enriched body lotion will help restore the skin’s elasticity and will make your skin soft and supple!




VLCCLast but not the least- Sunscreen

If you don’t want to damage your skin from the harmful sun rays – apply sunscreen. It is ideal to apply sunscreen to your face after you have moisturised it. It will not only provide you best results, but it will also alter the way UV rays meet your skin. But remember to apply this only after your moisturiser has dried. It is also important to use a sweat proof or a waterproof sunscreen, you wouldn’t want to be drenched in your sweat, would you? VLCC’s Sweat Free Sunblock Lotion is non-greasy and helps protect the skin from tanning and ageing.



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