Have Dry and Parched Skin? Here’s How You Can Bring The Glow Back

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No matter which part of the country you live in, there is never a dearth of skin and hair problems. Dry and irritated skin, oily and acne prone skin, dandruff, hair fall, split ends, frizz – name it and you have it. The lifestyle that we lead today too plays a contributing role in these concerns. Our beauty and wellness Q&As bring together some of the most frequently raised concerns about skin care and hair care. In this edition, we bring to you an FAQ on dry skin woes.

Skin that is dry and dehydrated is a problem that troubles many. Be it summer or winter, this kind of skin gives a dull appearance and tends to turn flaky. Read on to know what you can do to keep dry skin healthy, and how you can give it a natural, baby like glow!

What is a good skin care routine for dry skin?
Like any other skin type, dry skin to needs regular skin care through cleansing, toning, and moisturising. Use gentle, soap-free cleansers and face washes made specifically for dry skin. Opt for alcohol-free toners, to prevent your skin from drying out even further. Rose water is a good natural toner that you can use every day. Moisturise your skin well with lotions or creams. In case you are stepping out in the sun, use a moisturiser with SPF. Don’t forget to repeat the process at night, and top it off with a rehydrating or renewing night cream. You can also use hydrating face packs and fruit-based facials once or twice every month to restore a natural and healthy glow.

Is exfoliating my skin a bad idea?
Exfoliating removes dead skin cells, and this ideal for dry skin as well. However, the key here is to use mild products made especially for this skin type. Use a gentle facial scrub once or twice in a week. Exfoliate before you apply makeup, this helps the makeup last longer without flaking off.

What kind of makeup products do I need to pick for dry skin?
Applying tonnes of makeup on the dry skin every day is a bad idea as it can wreak havoc on the skin and leave it parched. Tinted moisturisers are a better choice for dry skin, as they moisturise your skin and also provide light to medium coverage necessary for daily wear. For occasional wear, use liquid or cream-based foundation. Instead of your fingers, use a makeup brush or sponge to blend in the foundation, this helps avoid streaks and patchiness. Whether you use a tinted moisturiser or a foundation, make sure that you apply a good moisturising lotion or cream on your face before you apply makeup.

How can I keep my face fresh all day?
Just as oily skin tends to get shiny over the day, dry skin tends to become flaky and patchy when not hydrated regularly. To combat this, carry a hydrating toner or facial mist, as well as moisturisers. Spritz your face with the mist whenever you see your skin turning dry. Alternately you can also dab some moisturiser on to your face and neck for that renewed glow.

A good diet and healthy lifestyle too helps in keeping your skin lively and healthy. In addition to using cosmetics and skin care products, remember to drink plenty of water and eat food that is rich in nutrients that give you glowing skin.

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