Don’t Mix These Ingredients Together!

Everyone loves flawless skin. Whether you’re a novice or an addict, you’re bound to have at least one product (if not more) that helps you tackle concerns like acne, oiliness, dullness, wrinkles, under eye circles. But, in the bid to flaunt healthy and radiant skin, could you actually be doing the wrong thing? Most creams, serums, face washes, scrubs etc., which offer targeted benefits contain active ingredients. Many of these substances, when paired together by slathering one skin care product over the other, tends to bring down the efficacy, or cause irritation. Dermatologists warn against mixing these active substances as part of your skin care regime.

  • Retinol + Vitamin C
    Skin care creams, serums etc. with vitamin C offer antioxidant benefits to the skin by fighting against damage caused by the sun or environmental pollutants. They also lighten dark spots and smooth out fine lines. Retinol, a form of vitamin A, offers anti-ageing benefits like reducing the appearance of wrinkles, fading dark spots etc. These two vitamins work at different pH levels, and combining the two by layering one product over the other can bring down their efficacy drastically.

The solution? Use vitamin C containing products during the day, and those with retinol at night.

  • Retinol + Benzoyl Peroxide
    Benzoyl peroxide is an ingredient that actively treats acne with its peeling action, which cleans pores and keeps acne-causing bacteria at bay. Retinol, though used extensively for its anti-aging benefits, can curb acne too. Combining the two can make the treatment so harsh that your skin has no choice but to respond with flaking, peeling, redness, and irritation.

The solution? Select only one of the ingredients to treat your skin. Benzoyl peroxide is harsh on the skin, so use it sparingly, after consultation with a dermatologist.

  • Alpha/Beta Hydroxy Acids + Retinol
    Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) such as glycolic acid, and Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHAs) such as salicylic acid, are used extensively to exfoliate skin. Retinol accelerates skin cell turnover, or simply, the natural exfoliating capability of the skin. Both these ingredients work by replacing old, dull, and damaged skin cell with new and healthy ones. A combination of the two can prove deadly to your skin, which then turns it red, irritated, and more photosensitive.

The solution? Use the two different ingredients at different times of the day or week.

  • Benzoyl Peroxide + Vitamin C
    Vitamin C tends to oxidise in the presence of benzoyl peroxide. Combining the two can result in them counteracting each other’s effects. However, the ingredients may be helpful for those with extremely oily skin.

The solution?  Wait for a couple of minutes before you layer one product over the other. Or still better – use them at different times of the day.

Ingredients matter to healthy, glowing skin. So, the next time you mix and match products, read their labels to ensure that you don’t end up bringing the wrong ones altogether!

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