Don’t Miss Out On #NationalLipstickDay Deals

When a makeup item’s production isn’t halted even during a crisis as big as World War (II), you know it is magic. And just in case you’re wondering what that item is—we’re talking lipsticks. While most of the make up production was stopped during WW2, Winston Churchill didn’t pause lipstick production because he felt it boosted morale. This tube of colour held just as much power then as it does today and it would be stupid to not celebrate it. So, here we are on the official Lipstick Day, offering you insane discounts on your beloved pout pal.

Pick by Colour
Splurge on hues that surprise the room as soon as you take off your face mask. Choose from fire-engine reds, fiery fuchsias or Barbie pinks to kill boring pandemic vibes. We have a range that is sure to send ‘wohooo waves’ around. Check it out!

Pick by Brand
If you have a lipstick brand you swear by, we’re pretty sure we stock that too. Take your pick from L’oreal, Lakme, Maybelline, Roots, ENN, Wet n wild n more. 

Pick by Texture
Try every texture there is, cuz what is life without a li’l experiment? In times where trends rotate faster than the planet, nothing is truly out of style ever. So, have fun with matte, gloss, glimmer and shimmer. You know we got you covered!

It’s Lipstick Day ladies! Don’t stop yourself from splurging (while saving) on the friend that never lets you down and brings in a lot of cheer to those selfies. 


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