An Easy Guide To DIY Lip Scrubs, By Our Beauty Experts

We speak, we sing, we eat and we decorate our lips. We bite them when we are anxious. We make pouts for that perfect selfie. And yet when it comes to lip care, all we do is apply a lip balm. Do not let your lips take a backseat. Dry, flaky skin on the lips is a common condition. The good news is, with some super easy DIY recipes, you can bring your damaged lips back to life. From treating chapped lips to DIY-ing your recipe for pink & fuller lips, our beauty expert Prerana Verma has put together the best lip scrubs with ingredients you can find in your kitchen cabinets. Check them out.

First Things First
You will need to choose your exfoliant. It’s about sugar, but as you know, there are several varieties. We recommend three specific types: pure white sugar, brown sugar or cane sugar. Brown sugar is ideal for sensitive skin because it is the softest.

The next nourishing ingredient you select is your oil. To start with, there are two oils that are perfect for your lips: Olive oil and Coconut oil. Olive oil is good for dry skin. And we all know that the wonders of coconut oil know no bounds. It is filled with antioxidants and free radicals that help heal your lips and preserve their softness. It’s one of our favourite multitaskers.

Although you could make a scrub with only an exfoliant and oil, our expert suggests adding fruits for their nutritional properties. Berries are the best as they are packed with vitamin C and minerals which are highly essential for keeping your lips healthy and vibrant. Both raspberries and strawberries can turn dark lips into rosy pink ones.

Few Tips To Remember

  1. Make sure you mix all the ingredients together and massage well in a circular motion for 2-3 minutes. 
  2. For better results, lip scrubs should only be used twice a week.
  3. Use these ingredients in small amounts over your lips to avoid irritating your lips and the surrounding skin.

For Dark Spots & Pigmentation
What You’ll Need:
2 tbsps of Brown sugar
1 tsp of Coffee Grounds
1-2 tbsps of Coconut oil/Olive oil
A few drops of Vanilla (optional)

coffee lip scrub sThis one has it all, a sweet vanilla scent and moisturising properties that come with the grace of its added oil. Whip up this easy-peasy scrub in a jiffy. The caffeine content of the coffee tends to remove the pigmentation in the lips, rendering them bright with colour and life.

For Dry & Chapped Lips
What You’ll Need:
2 tbsps of Sugar
1 tbsp of Coconut or Olive oil
½ tsp of Honey
A few drops of your favourite essential oil (optional)
A few drops of vanilla (optional)Sugar lip scrubsRemember the saying that goes “soft as a baby’s bottom?” That’s what your lips will feel like after using this scrub. Smear on this sugary treatment and whisk away the dead skin cells to reveal softer, more supple lips.

For Soft & Pink lips
What You’ll Need:
Aloe vera
Organic Honey

Fruit lip scrubsA fruit fan? Simply pop some berries, drizzle in some honey and aloe vera gel, and you’re done! Aside from the wonders, it’s going to do to your lips, you ‘re going to love that perfect pink colour they get after using the scrub.

For Plump & Fuller Lips
What You’ll Need:
Peppermint oil  cinammon lip scrubsCinnamon is no longer just for French toast. This naturally stimulating spice in the lip scrub plumps your pout and makes them look fabulous. With just three ingredients from your pantry, you can make this delicious scrub in a jiffy.  

Masking & Sealing In The Hydration
When choosing a lip mask, look for ingredients such as Vitamin E rich oils, ghee and butter. Seal in the hydration with a moisturising and occlusive lip balm. These masks work well during the night, so you get the most benefits for your lips.

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